Mumbai Metro Line 7 Route, Metro Train Red Line 7, (Dahisar East – Andheri East)

Mumbai Metro Line 7: Start Date, Timings, Route Map, Stations, Fare Chart – All You Need To Know

Stations Line 7:
Dahisar East, Ovaripada, National Park, Devipada, Magathane, Poisar (formerly Mahindra & Mahindra), Akurli (formerly Bandongri), Kurar (formerly Pushpa Park), Dindoshi (formerly Pathanwadi), Aarey, Goregaon E (formerly Mahanand), Jogeshwari E (formerly JVLR Junction), Shankarwadi, Gundavali (formerly Andheri East)

Metro Fares:
00-03 Kms: Rs. 10
03-12 Kms: Rs. 20
12-18 Kms: Rs. 30
18-24 Kms: Rs. 40
24-30 Kms: Rs. 50

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Red Line 7 – Stations

  • Dahisar East
  • Ovaripada
  • National Park
  • Devipada
  • Magathane
  • Poisar
  • Akurli
  • Kurar
  • Dindoshi
  • Aarey
  • Goregaon E
  • Jogeshwari E
  • Shankarwadi
  • Gundavali
  • Airport Colony
  • CSMIA International

Mumbai Metro Line 7 Route, Metro Train Red Line 7, (Dahisar East – Andheri East)

Mumbai Metro Line 7 Route, Metro Train Red Line 7, (Dahisar East - Andheri East) 1

Download Mumbai Metro Map | MMRCL Official Website | Official Route Map

Mumbai Metro Line 7
Metro 7 is 33.50 KMS long with 29 Stations.

  • Route distance: 3.2 Km.
  • Total Stations: 3.
  • Interchange / Connecting stations: Metro Line 1 (Western Express Highway), Metro Line 7 (Andheri to Dahisar East), Metro Line 3 (Colaba to Seepz Village).
  • Mumbai Metro Line 7A Route – Station Names:
    Andheri Western Express Highway Metro Line 1 & 7 Junction  Airport Colony  CSIA Terminal 2 (International Airport)
  • Coaches: 6 & 8 Coach AC trains.


Metro Line 7, the report states that the first metro on this route will start at 5.55 am from Gundavali station and the last one at 9.24 pm.


Ticket Issuing Machine

TIMs can be used for recharge of Store Value Pass, thereby enabling customers to avoid queues at the Ticket/ Customer Care counters.

How to Recharge of Store Value Pass – Mumbai Metro Train:

  1. Select ‘English’ or ‘Hindi’ or ‘Marathi’ for language option.
  2. Select ‘Reload Card’ and insert your Smart Card in the TIM once prompted.
  3. The TIM will then display information regarding the Smart Card.
  4. Press the ‘Money’ button for reload in multiples of Rs. 100/-.
  5. Based on the displayed amount, press ‘OK’ for payment.
  6. Insert ‘Bank Notes’ for payment.
  7. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Print Receipt’
  8. Remove Smart Card and receipt.



Customer needs to follow 4 simple steps to recharge their Store Value Pass.

  1. Click on InstaCharge
  2. Enter card number.
  3. Choose the relevant recharge options.
  4. Pay.

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