Veera Indian Made Internet browser

Veera Indian Made Internet browser


BIG BREAKING NEWS 🚨 Made In India Internet browser “Veera” launched🔥🔥

Arjun Ghose, Founder of Veera, said “Our mission was to craft a faster, safer and private browsing sanctuary for Indian internet users”.

He said whole bunch of features will be launched shortly🔥🔥

Significant achievement of Make in India initiative ⚡


Veera Indian Made Internet browser


Veera Indian Made Internet browser

Veera Indian Made Internet browser

What is Veera?

Veera is India’s first homegrown browser which is aiming to give you a faster, smarter and safer Internet experience.

We believe in putting the user first unlike other tech companies who see you as the product. Our mission is to give you the best possible experience. So download to make your internet experience bindaas.


Ab Internet Banega Bindaas

Faster | Safer | Smarter

Outperforming your default browser, one click at a time

Incredible news! 🇮🇳

Veera, the Made In India internet browser, marks a monumental step towards a faster, safer, and private browsing experience. Arjun Ghose’s vision has lit the way for Indian internet users, and we eagerly await the exciting features yet to come. A remarkable stride in the Make in India initiative! ⚡ #MakeInIndia

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Veera Indian Made Internet browser


No Party for 3rd Party Ads

Veera browser is your passport to an ad-free internet paradise. Experience true digital utopia as we make the web a cleaner, ad-free playground for you.

Veera Indian Made Internet browser 1

Browse at Warp Speeds

Break the internet’s speed limits! Access all your favorite content in a click with lightning fast browsing and seamless navigation.

Veera Indian Made Internet browser 2

Fortress-Grade Security

Let us be your personal bodyguards on the internet. Browse bindaas without worrying about your personal information ever getting into the wrong hands.

Veera Indian Made Internet browser 3

Tailor Made Content

Leave the generic content on the generic browsers. Get that VIP experience with tailored content that truly matters to you.


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Who we are

Veera is India’s first mobile-focused browser that brings everything desktop browsers have (and more) but optimized for a mobile experience. Veera aims to give India’s 1billion+ smartphone users a fast, safe, and private internet experience.

With a team that has built and backed technology businesses in India, we understand the pain points of the internet user more than anyone and have used our experience and learnings to create a better browser for the modern tech-savvy Indian user.

Download Veera

How is Veera different ?

Veera is different from other browsers in the following ways:

  • Blocks all 3rd party ads
  • Is faster than every browser
  • Blocks all trackers giving you safer experience on the internet
  • Offers localized language and content for India
  • Built for mobile, so brings the best features of desktop browser to the mobile
  • Ensures user’s data security


Is Veera available on desktop computers as well?

Currently, Veera is an Android-only browser that caters to the needs of the majority of Indians. We are not present on Desktop or iOS as of now. We are working on launching these versions in the future.

Incognito mode in Veera – Private Tab

When you browse in Incognito mode, your activity data is not kept on your device or in any other Account that you are not signed into. None of your browsing history, cookies and site data, or information put in forms are retained on your device when you use Incognito. This means that your activity does not appear in your browser history, and others who use your device will not see it. Websites will perceive you as a new user and will have no idea who you are if you do not sign in.

I’ve lost my phone

In case if you or anyone you know has misplaced or lost their phone, you can raise a ticket to us by clicking below link and we will put a temporary block on your account. This will ensure that your account is safe.

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