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India Canada Latest News


India Canada Latest News #WATCH |

“As I said on Monday, there are credible reasons to believe that agents of the Govt of India were involved in the killing of a Canadian on Canadian soil, which is something of utmost and foundational importance in the country of rule of law, in a world where international rules-based order matters.

We have independent justice system and robust processes that will follow their course and we call upon the Govt of India to engage with us to move forward on getting to the truth of this matter”, says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.



Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says, “As a country of the rule of the law, we have an obligation to ensure that those processes unfold in a rigorous and independent manner and that is what we are ensuing and we stand for international based order.

We are highlighting how unacceptable it would be for any country to be involved in the killing of a citizen on their home soil…”

India Canada Latest News as on 21st September 2023:

“Canada is a safe haven for terrorists,” said the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

I said it a few days ago and I’ll say it again, Canada is a third-tier country just slightly above the likes of Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Not only does Canada harbor Khalistani terrorists, but it also supported Al-Qaeda and other Islamist outfits in Syria.

BIG ⚡️⚡️ Hardeep Singh Nijjar was in touch with the Canadian Intelligence Agency before his killing. He was being regularly briefed and assisted by Canadian authorities.

NIA has begun attaching the properties of fugitive Khalistani terrorists.

Justin Trudeau shouldn’t take India lightly #canadaindia

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India Canada Latest News


There are 950,000 Punjabi Canadians which account for roughly 2.6% of Canada’s population

About 7,70,000 people reported Sikhism as their religion in the 2021 census. As per the latest estimates, there are around 8 lakh Sikhs residing in Canada

In 2022, over 70,000 immigrants from Punjab arrived in Canada, making up almost 20% of all immigrants from India

Canada’s largest Punjabi population is pro-Khalistan

Suspension of Visa services for Canadian citizens is a great move by MODI govt as it will make sure to stop entry of Khalistan activists in Bharat 🔥🔥


Indian Embassy Consular Camp in Jahra, House 2 in Kuwait


Updated India Canada Latest News :

#WATCH | Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says, “I think it’s extremely important that as a country with a strong and independent justice system. We allow those justice processes to unfold themselves with the utmost integrity. But I can assure you, the decision to share these allegations on the floor of the House of Commons was not done lightly. It was done with utmost seriousness…”

India Canada Relation Worsens | Canada and India Expels Diplomats

India Canada Latest News

Canada is becoming the most unsafe country in the world.
Anyone can come and kill anyone.
Your son, daughter, your brother,sister,father and mother’s lives are more important than visiting Canada.
World tourists should avoid going to Canada till the situation becomes normal in Canada.

#WATCH | “The allegations levied by Canada PM Justin Trudeau are very concerning…we urge the Indian govt to cooperate in this investigation…US and Canada have their own relation and US and India have their own relation, both are important partners for us…”: U.S. State Department’s Hindustani Spokesperson, Margaret MacLeod

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says, “…I had a direct and frank conversation, with the Prime Minister (Modi), in which I shared my concerns in no uncertain terms…

We call upon the government of India to take seriously this matter and to work with us to shed full transparency and ensure accountability and justice in this matter.

We are a country of the rule of law. We are going to continue to do the work necessary to keep Canadians safe and to uphold our values and the international rules-based order.

That’s our focus right now.”

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