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The Criticality of SPM Technology | OpenSymmetry


The right SPM technology is critical to sales success The Criticality of SPM Technology | OpenSymmetry Download the 2016 Vendor guide to learn about the vendors who offer more than just ICM solutions.


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The Criticality of SPM Technology | OpenSymmetry


The 2016 Sales Performance Management Vendor Guide

Through the 2016 SPM Vendor Guide, to be found on our Resource Center, our purpose is to improve the quality of information available to enable businesses to make the right investment decisions. As well as the company profile data, we have included an outline of key OpenSymmetry’s Strategic Services, which help to guide the organization in business case development, vendor selection and ROI realization.

This year’s edition features organizations that provide software and services across the whole spectrum of SPM. As mentioned early, some vendors provide solutions across the whole SPM breadth of talent acquisition, talent development, sales process, territory and quota management (TQM) and incentive compensation management (ICM). Others provide solutions in just one aspect.

As an independent adviser we do not pass judgement on the pros and cons of each solution in this guide as we strongly believe an organization’s specific critical use cases from integration to workflow to modelling capabilities shape the direction towards the optimal platform for meeting their needs. From the myriad number of providers available, we have selected what we consider to be an objective selection of the key vendors. We are most keen to make sure businesses make the right selection in the right way with a transparent understanding of business case/ROI, a practical and achievable roadmap and a realistic Future State to maximise your sales performance.



The Criticality of SPM Technology | OpenSymmetry

  1. Assess your current capability across the whole of SPM as a foundation to determine the key pain points/challenges or areas of missing technology linking these critical processes across the SPM continuum.
  2. Have a clear vision of the Future State you desire to achieve – SPM technology is the enabler, but the design, process, and approach needs to be aligned.
  3. Ensure that incentive plan design is optimal to drive and reward the right behaviors based on roles (i.e. direct seller vs. channel overlay) from your sales team and modeled expected outcomes.



The Criticality of SPM Technology | OpenSymmetry


  1. Establish a realistic business case – We commonly see organizations who have a robust platform that is much bigger than what is needed to achieve desired results.
  2. Have a rigorous vendor selection process – This is a multi-year investment, requiring the right planning upfront to identify those critical differentiating use cases helping to guide you to the optimal solution.
  3. Make sure that a structured change management process is used to support a technology implementation to ensure stakeholder buy-in and ROI realization.

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