Kuwait cameras on police uniforms

#Kuwait cameras on police uniforms

Parliament panel approves related proposal aimed to expose abuses

A Kuwaiti parliamentary committee has approved a proposal for equipping police’s uniforms with cameras to expose “transgressions” from them or members of the public, a local newspaper has said

The proposal requires police personnel to keep the device on while on duty, Al Qabas reported.

”Police are vigilant in safeguarding, preserving people’s security and tracking down violators,” said MP Hesham Al Saleh, the author of the draft.

“Sometimes cases of misunderstanding happen and develop into transgression either on the part of the policeman or the other side,” he added.

The lawmaker added that his proposal aims to protect both sides’ rights and preserve “transparency and credibility” of police’s job.

The legislature’s Domestic and Defence Affairs approved the motion, but no date has been set yet for debating it by the parliament.

#Kuwait has recently seen several attacks on police personnel.

In September, a Kuwaiti man was arrested after he had stabbed two policemen with a knife as they were trying to restrain him from attacking his parents in the town of Jaber Al Ahmad, west of Kuwait City.

In June, a young Syrian man, fleeing after killing his mother, fatally stabbed a traffic policeman in the area of Al #Mahboula in Kuwait’s governorate of Al #Ahmadi.

Dubbed in the local media the #Mahboula crime, the murder shook #Kuwait and triggered calls for tougher enforcement of law and more protection for police.


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