What are the best AdSense alternatives for blogger traffic?

Google AdSense is very popular. Many of us know very little about the alternatives of Google AdSense.

There are many alternatives for bloggers to earn from advertising.

You can add additional advertising platforms along with Google AdSense. So, let’s go to know about the alternatives to Google AdSense.

  1. Media.net: It is run by Yahoo and Bing. It directly competes with Google AdSense.
  2. Propeller Ads: It can help you to reach 1 billion users by allowing you to use banners, sponsored links, push notifications, etc.
  3. Amazon Native Shopping Ads: It offers a way of high-rewarding monetization opportunity for your website.
  4. Skimlinks: It helps in affiliation automation for commerce content. You will not have to worry about setting affiliate links.
  5. Monumetric: It is a full-service and revenue partner which allows increasing your revenue.
  6. Infolinks: A international advertising platform where its aim is to deliver brand messages to specific engaged audiences.
  7. Evadav: The advertising platform focus on push notifications along with providing many ads options.
  8. PopAds: It is specialized in delivering popunder advertising. It claims that it is the best paying advertising platform for this type of ad.
  9. Adsterra: It allows advertising for both publishers and advertisers.
  10. Taboola: Taboola can be the best option for you if you have a news site or you are a Gossip owner.

There are other advertising platforms such as SHE media, RevContent, Pop Cash, yllix, and many more.

Before generating revenue from any advertising platforms, you need to optimize your site.

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