What is Rudraksha, Frequently Asked Question about Rudraksha by Sadhguru

What is Rudraksha, Frequently Asked Question about Rudraksha by #Sadhguru


1.   What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are dried seeds of a tree, botanically known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus, which mostly grows in select locations of Southeast Asia, predominantly in the upper Himalayan mountain range of the Indian subcontinent. The word Rudraksha literally means “tears of Shiva”.


2.   What are the benefits of wearing Rudraksha?

Rudraksha are very supportive in maintaining physical and mental balance. Rudraksha can help reduce blood pressure, calm one’s nerves and improve the health of one’s skin. Some of the subtler benefits ascribed to Rudraksha include enhancement of intuition, assistance in meditation, cleansing of the aura, and providing protection against negative energies.


3.   Who can wear Rudraksha?

Anyone, irrespective of age, gender, physical condition, culture, ethnicity, geographical or religious background, at any stage in life, can wear the Rudraksha offered here. It can be especially beneficial when worn by children, students and the elderly.


4.   How should the Rudraksha be worn?

Rudraksha should always be worn around your neck.


5.   Can I wear the Rudraksha while taking a bath?

If you take cold water baths and are not using any chemical soap, it is especially good for the water to flow over it and upon your body. But if you are using chemical soaps and warm water, it becomes brittle and will crack after sometime, so it is best to avoid wearing it at such times. Please keep the Rudraksha on a cloth while taking bath.


6.   Is it okay for ladies to wear the Rudraksha during menstruation?

Yes. Rudraksha can be worn by everyone at all times.


7.   If I don’t wish to wear the Rudraksha for some time, how should it be stored?

If, for some reason, you cannot wear the Rudraksha, it should be kept safely, wrapped in a natural cloth like cotton or silk. Since Rudraksha are natural seeds with a unique composition, it is best to store them in vessels made of natural materials. Containers made of copper, gold or silver may also be used.


8.   What should I do when I first receive the Rudraksha?

It is important to first condition the Rudraksha before wearing them. To condition new Rudraksha beads, immerse them in ghee (clarified butter) for 24 hours and then, soak them in full-fat milk for an additional 24 hours. Rinse them with water and wipe the beads with a clean cloth. Do not wash them with soap or other chemical cleansing agents. Conditioning should be done once every six months.


9.   What are the benefits of wearing a Rudraksha with a copper chain?

Copper is a metal that can create a certain energy and assist in meditation. Bringing it in contact with the body can help to strengthen and stabilize one’s energy system.

If you are tying a knot on either side of the Rudraksha, care must be taken not to tie it too tight as this could make the inside of the Rudraksha crack. If the inside crumbles with the pressure, the rudraksha should not be worn. Also, make sure not to cup the Rudraksha.


10.   I want to know more about Rudraksha.




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