Trick to remember OSI Model 7 Layers unforgettable shortcut name

Trick to remember OSI Model 7 Layers unforgettable shortcut name 

It’s easy to remember the sequence of OSI Model 7 Layers using this simple sentence: “All people seem to need data processing.”

All = Application Layer

People= Presentation Layer

Seem = Session Layer

To = Transport Layer

Need = Network Layer

Data = Data Link Layer

Processing = Physical Layer

Application Layer (DATA)

Application Layer provides Interface between users and machines.

Protocols of this layer are: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, TFTP, Telnet, SNMP, DNS, Rlogin, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and LDAP.

Presentation Layer (DATA)

This layer facilitates the presentation of Data to the upper layer. Mainly, Provide Encoding Scheme & Encryption formation.

Protocols of this layer: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, MP3, MIDI, ASCII & ANSI etc.

Session Layer (DATA)

This layer provides virtual agreement between two end communication devices.

Functions of this layer: Establishment, Management & Termination

The best example to explain this layer is telephone call in which first you established the connection, then exchange a message and finally terminate the session.

Protocols of this layer: SIP, NFS, SQL, ASP, RDBMS

The above three layers are known as the software layer.

Transport Layer (SEGMENT)

This layer is responsible for Control of Data flow and, if an error occurs, reconnect the data and re-transmit.

Functions of this layer: Handshaking, Acknowledgement and Sequencing

Protocols of this layer: TCP, UDP, SPX

Network Layer (Packet)

This layer is used for communication to remote networks.

Functions of this layer: Sorting, Filtering and Distribution

Protocols of this layer: Routed Protocol: IP/IPX/Apple talk


Data Link Layer (Frame)

Function of this layers: Error Detection and Control of Data

Uniqueness of this layer: MAC address

Protocols of this layer: PPP, HDLC, ATM, Frame Relay, SLIP, Ethernet

Physical Layer (Binary)

This involves media, move bits between devices

MAC Address: Information Delivered

IP Address: Carrier of Information


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