Restaurants and Cafes to Serve Filtered Water 1

Restaurants and cafes to serve filtered water


Kuwait Government says ” Restaurants and cafes to serve filtered water – Restaurants and cafes are obligated to serve filtered water “. Kuwaiti authorities have issued a binding decree committing restaurants and coffee shops in the country to serve filtered tap water free of charge instead of selling bottled water to them, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported.

Kuwait City, 20th September 2023:

Don’t impose bottled water on customers, Kuwait cafes told

The Kuwaiti Minister of Trade and Industry Mohammad Al Aiban has issued the decree whereby restaurants and cafes are obligated to serve the filtered water provided by the state authorities to clientele for free if they request it, and refrain from imposing bottled water on them when they order food.


What is meant by filtered water?

Filtered water is what you are most likely to find in a grocery store. It is typically sourced from municipal tap water, which is then run through carbon filters to remove the chlorine (which improves the taste) and sometimes a micron filter as well.


These businesses are also committed under the same decree to install filter devices to handle the water served to customers in line with terms set by the competent agencies for water quality and filter installation.

The reported decree rescinds any other rules that may contradict it and is due to take effect from the date of its publication in Kuwait’s Official Gazette, the report said without saying when the new arrangement will go into effect.


28th September is Public Holiday, 3 Days Holidays, Prophet Mohammad PBUH


Restaurants and cafes to serve filtered water


There was no immediate comment from authorities, or owners of cafes and restaurants, which are among the big economic sectors in Kuwait.


What are examples of filtered water?
Filtered water, also marketed as spring water or bottled water, is found in most grocery stores. This type of water may have come from a tap water source or, if marketed as spring water, from a source underground. The water is then run through a type of filter, carbon filters being the most common.


Is filtered water same as boiled water?
The overwhelming conclusion is that filtered water trumps boiled water. Boiling water isn’t enough to completely purify the water because it leaves harmful contaminants such as lead and chlorine in there.


According to 2018 figures, there were some 111,000 cafes and restaurants at the time in the country of around 4.6 million people. The sector was among businesses hard hit by the economic fallout from the global pandemic due to related restrictions in Kuwait.

And as part of new government regulations, head of the Kuwait Municipality Saud Al Dabus disclosed that a recent meeting had been held with environment, food and road authorities to specify beaches where barbecue parties will be permitted.

Restaurants and cafes to serve filtered water


A list of these beaches will be announced in two to three weeks’ time, he said. “There will be an (implementation) mechanism and presence of the agencies concerned to do a supervisory at the sites that will be allocated,” Al Dabus added without elaborating.


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How can I get filtered water at home?

How to Filter Water at Home
You can filter water to make it drinkable by using a hand pump, UV light, or charcoal filter. You can also filter water using a filter pitcher, a whole-house filtration system, or a point-of-use system.

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