Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News మీ ఓటు ఉందో లేదో చెక్ చేసుకోండి!

Register for Vote in India

Voter List in Andra Pradesh



మీరు తీసుకునే నిర్ణయంతో రాష్ట్ర భవిష్యత్తు మారుతుంది. ఓటు నమోదు చేసుకోండి మార్పుకు నాంది పలకండి.

Register for Vote in India

Register for Vote in India

Now You can Search your Name on the Andra Pradesh/AP Voter List just with simple steps. Also, you can Verify your name in the Voter’s List via SMS Also.



ఏపీ ప్రజలారా! ఎన్నికల అక్రమాల పట్ల అప్రమత్తంగా ఉండండి. మీ ఓటు విషయంలో నిర్లక్ష్యం వద్దు. మీ ఓటు ఉందో లేదో చెక్ చేసుకోండి. ఓటు విషయంలో టీడీపీ సాయం కావాలంటే 89191 96329 నెంబరుకు కేవలం వాట్సాప్ సందేశం పంపండి


Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News


Dear Andhra Pradesh Citizen

Its Time to Get Enrolled in Voter List
Apply Before 9-12-2023

Eligibility :
Must be 18 Years old on or before 1st Jan 2023 (or)
Correction of Details

Which Application Form to Be Used ?
Form 6 : New Voter Registration
Form 6 A : Indian Passport Holder living overseas
Form 7 – Deletion of Name
Form 8 – Corrections in Electoral Roll

Note : Be ready with your passport size photo, Photo Identity Card, Age Proof, Address Proof, and Your Mobile Phone for OTP

How to Apply ?

Offline :
Apply Directly with your Electoral Registration Officer or Booth Level Officer

Online : * Log on to or

Online :
* Log on to or
* Select the required form
* Upload the mandatory proofs and submit

Mark your calendar : The last date of applying is 9-12-2023

For any further enquires, you can “whatsapp” to TDP helpline number @ 89191 96329


How to Search Your Name on Andhra Pradesh Voter List?

Name Searching on Andhra Pradesh Voter List:

Step 1: Visit the Chief Electoral Officer website,

Step 2: Choose your District

Step 3: Select your Assembly Constituency

Step 4: Type in your House Number

Step 5: Key in your name and your photo ID number

Step 6: Enter the captcha code

Step 7: Click on ‘Search’

Step 8: The Andhra Pradesh voter list will show up on your screen

Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News మీ ఓటు ఉందో లేదో చెక్ చేసుకోండి!

Verify Your Name in the Andhra Pradesh Voter List via SMS:

Send this SMS to 9223166166



You can also send an SMS to 51969



Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News

How to Download the Complete Electoral Roll in PDF Format?

Step 1: Visit the website at

Step 2: Choose your district

Step 3: Select your Assembly Constituency

Step 4: Select ‘Get Polling Stations

Step 5: You will see the list of polling stations in the Assembly Constituency

Step 6: Click on ‘View ‘once you find your polling station. Now, you can see the Complete Electoral Roll in the PDF format

Step 7: Click on ‘Download


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FAQs on Voter List in Andra Pradesh

  1. What is the helpline number for Voter ID based matters in Andhra Pradesh?In case of any grievances or queries related to Voter ID in Andhra Pradesh, one can get in touch with the Election Commission of India on its toll-free number 1950. Apart from this, people can also download the voter helpline application to get the details related to the election.
  2. What to do if a person has shifted to Andhra Pradesh from a different state and wants to avail a new voter ID for the current address?In order to avail a new voter ID in Andhra Pradesh, you have to delete your name from the last residential address. Next, fill out the Form-6 and submit it to the respective office of MRO or SDM with the proof of deletion.
  3. What are the services one can avail from the official CEO portal of Andhra Pradesh?You can avail several services from the official portal of the CEO of Andhra Pradesh. For instance, a person should check all the details about elections. Apart from this, they need to check the objections as well as claims, list of all elected members, etc. Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News మీ ఓటు ఉందో లేదో చెక్ చేసుకోండి!
  4. From where can I download electoral roll PDF?You can download electoral roll PDF in
  5. What is the frequency of voter list updates in Andhra Pradesh?Election officials frequently update the voter list. Before elections, specialised revision drives are carried out in Andhra Pradesh cities to make sure that new voters are added and that obsolete entries are eliminated.
  6. How do I submit an application to have my name added to the voter list in Andhra Pradesh?You can submit a Form 6 to your regional ERO in Andhra Pradesh or apply for voter registration online through the NVSP website. Along with your application, you will need to supply documentation of your identity and address.
  7. Can one be enrolled as a voter at more than one place in Andhra Pradesh or anywhere else in India?No, a person can be enrolled as a voter at only one place either in Andhra Pradesh or any other state in India.
  8. How can I update my previous epic number if I am an Andhra Pradesh Resident?For any changes to (Name, Photo, Age, EPIC Number, Address, Date of Birth, Age, Name of Relative, Type of Relative, Gender), please complete Form 8 (Link to Online Form). Please complete Form 8A (Link to online form) if you are moving from one residence to another within the same constituency in Andhra Pradesh.
  9. What is the full form of EVM?Voting by electronic means, sometimes referred to as an electronic voting machine (EVM), can either assist with or completely eliminate the tasks associated with casting and tallying votes.
  10. Is a voter ID card required in order to cast a ballot during elections in Andhra Pradesh?Although it is useful to have a voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh, you have a choice not to cast your vote. However, it is recommended that if you are eligible, you must always vote. If your name appears on the voter list, you may cast a ballot by presenting a different form of identification.
  11. How can I submit the names of deceased people who are listed as voters in Andhra Pradesh?You can inform the ERO or request adjustments on the official website if you are aware of any deceased people whose names are still listed as registered voters in Andhra Pradesh.
  12. What is the definition of voter list? Mention how important it is.The use of voter lists facilitates voting on election day and ensures that there is no electoral fraud. The voter list also ensures that a person doesn’t vote more than once.
  13. Why is the voting age 18 in India?The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 years old to make it easier for young people, particularly those who are underrepresented, to express their opinions and participate in politics.
  14. Who creates the voter list?The list of Indian voters is created by the Election Commission of India.



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Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News

Register for Vote in India | Voter List in Andra Pradesh | iiQ8 News మీ ఓటు ఉందో లేదో చెక్ చేసుకోండి!

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