Q8 Bans women praying in mosques during Ramadan, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 6th April 2021:

Kuwait bans women from praying in mosques during Ramadan, iiQ8

Women’s prayer halls will be opened up for use by men

Kuwait City: The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic affairs, Farid Emadi, announced that only men will be allowed to attend tarawih prayers during Ramadan, local media reported.

Emadi stated that due to the health requirements to reduce the capacity of prayers in mosques the women’s prayer hall will be reserved for men only.

He added that Kuwait’s Grand Mosque will be open for tarawih and qiyam prayers but will also be only accessible to men. In addition, there will be no hosting of external sheikhs and preachers in line with the health as procedures that are in line with the decisions put in place by the Cabinet of Ministers.

While Kuwait enforced a partial curfew a month ago, those looking to pray at mosques during the curfew hours are able to attend as long as they travelled to the mosque on foot.

Vaccine and PCR tests effect on fasting :

Last month, the Ifta authority at the Ministry of Endowments, and Islamic Affairs pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccine does not break one’s fast.
As Ramadan approaches, the announcement was made in a press statement to clarify that residents and citizens can get the COVID-19 jab even if they are fasting during the day.

The fatwa added that if a patient gets too tired after receiving the vaccine or the doctor advises the patient to break his fast, then it is permissible for the person to break their fast and make it up at other times.

In addition, religious leaders pointed out that conducting a PCR test does not break one’s fast.


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