Kuwait Security campaigns will start soon, To arrest 75,000 violators, iiQ8

Kuwait Security campaigns will start soon, To arrest 75000 violators, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 28th August, 2020:

Kuwait Security campaigns to arrest 75,000 violators.

Campaigns will be launched immediately after the opening of the airspace 🇰🇼

Competent authorities in the Ministry of Interior have completed their plan to launch unprecedented security campaigns to arrest residency violators who are in hiding and refused to take advantage of the amnesty period that was granted by the ministry in April, reports Al-Qabas Daily quoting high-ranking sources.

They revealed that the actual numbers of residency violators currently in Kuwait are estimated at about 75,000, who are not able to amend the residency status because they have been in violation for a very long time, unlike about 15,000 other violators who qualify to amend their residency status after paying the penalties.

The sources affirmed that the campaigns will be launched immediately after the airport starts operating in its full capacity, so that the violators can be deported as soon they get arrested in a bid to avoid crowding them in the police stations, detention centers and deportation centers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

They indicated that the planned campaigns will involve several security sectors, and will depend on new plans and methods that differ completely from the previous campaigns.

The sources revealed that the places where a large number of such violators hide are being monitored by the security authorities, and will be raided in a bid to arrest the violators.

They stressed that the amnesty granted in April did not bear fruit or achieve its goal, as the number of those who benefited from it was only about 26,000, adding that some of the violators insist on staying until the last moment, despite repeated assurances that they will be dealt with compassionately.

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