Expats to return back to Kuwait in 3 Stages, iiQ8

Expats to return back to Kuwait in 3 Stages, iiQ8


As per the state needs, priority will be given to those expats who will be allowed to return back on 3 stages within the framework to organize arrival of those with valid residency so that the airport does not crowd with huge numbers of expats who wish to return from various countries. The sources said that the first phase will include doctors, nurses, judges, members of the public prosecution office and teachers, the collection of data from various ministries is underway in order to prepare to receive them.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Interior stated in its response to an official letter it received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which it requested specifying the categories that are allowed to enter the country who have valid residency.

According to the Interior Ministry’s response the entry process must take place in 3 stages, in which priority is given to the jobs that the country needs,

Stage 1 :
Prosecutors and

Stage 2 :
Those who have families residing in Kuwait, and those with residency permits of Article 22 (Dependent Visa) or heads of families who hold residency permits in accordance with Article 18 and their wives and children are inside Kuwait.

Stage 3 :
Those remaining waiting to come to Kuwait.

The Interior Ministry submitted its recommendations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard, but these recommendations will be subject to review and amendment according to developments.

Renewing residence of Expats those who are stranded abroad

The letter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Interior included a request to set up a mechanism for those who were issued new visas and who had new work contracts. Also MOFA has requested setting up a mechanism for renewing expired residencies for those, whose owners wish to renew them and bring them back to Kuwait.

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