Domain into IP convert seo tool for free

Domain into IP convert seo tool for free


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About Domain into IP convert seo tool for free


How does it work?

  • Enter a list of domain names, one-per line, and click “convert.”
  • Our servers look up the IP Address for each domain.
  • We’ll provide a list of corresponding IP addresses.

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What is a Static IP Address?

The IP address of devices with static IPs does not change over time. They remain the same.

Generally, Static IP is used when other devices or websites consider keeping track of it a necessity. For instance, if you are using a VPN service, then keeping track of your IP is essential for the VPN provider -in order to know the location from where the service is being used.

What is a Dynamic IP Address?

Dynamic IP addresses change over time depending on the connected network. For instance, if you are operating on an XYZ Hosting Service, then XYZ will assign you the IP. And on the other hand, if you wish to move to ABC Hosting Service, then ABC will be assigning you the IP.  Sometimes it also happens that the IP Address changes while you were using a hosting service.

But a domain’s IP address is static. It will not change. So, when you are using our Domain to IP Address converter, then the listed IP address in the Web to IP report will be static always.

When to resolve Domain to IP

The time it becomes really necessary for you to resolve domain to IP is when you are not aware of your domain’s IP address; and now, you are trying to extract it manually. It is during this time that you want to resolve domain to IP.

You have invested a lot of efforts into finding the exact IP address of your domain, but the process is taking a lot of time. So, you need a way in which you can quickly resolve domain to IP: Free Domain To IP Address Converter.

Just open the Domain to IP Converter tool, submit the domain name, and resolve domain to IP by clicking on the ‘Convert Domain to IP’ button.

Domain to IP Converter by RankWatch is free to use. There’s no requirement of email IDs.

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