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About Alexa Rank Checker seo tool free

Alexa analytics is a free online tool that allows users to check the current position of a website on the Alexa ranking system. The tool is developed by …



Check Alexa rank with a well-designed user interface built for simplicity, Alexa Tool is extremely easy to use and it’s very intuitive. To use the tool, you will only need to take the following steps:

Step #1: Make sure you are on the Alexa website ranking page (, which is most likely where you are now.

Step #2: Enter the URLs that you want to check. You can add up to 5 domain names and our system will check them simultaneously for you in no time at all.

Step #3: Next, click on the “Check” button.

And finally, the tool will show you the Alexa rank results of bulk domain immediately, displaying all the elements mentioned earlier. That’s it!



If you want to get an idea of how popular a website is, one of the most well-known ways to check for that is to find out the “Alexa Rank” of the website.

Owned by, Alexa is a web analytics company that provides web traffic data and other marketing metrics based on the information it picks up from around the web via various toolbars and web browser extensions.

Although Alexa runs a number of services and has even been involved in some notable projects in the past (like providing a database that served as the basis for the creation of the Wayback Machine), its most noted service or tool is “Alexa Rank.”

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