Demographic Imbalance Bill unanimously approved, iiQ8, Kuwait News

Kuwait City, 21st October 2020:

Demographic Imbalance Bill unanimously approved, iiQ8, Kuwait News

A special session immediately followed the opening, during which the Assembly discussed several bills and voted on the proposals to address the lopsided demographic issue and support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) affected by the coronavirus crisis in their second reading.

The Assembly unanimously approved the Demographic Imbalance Bill as all 53 MPs present at the session voted in favor. The bill mandates the government to specify the maximum number of expatriates during the first year of implementation and regularly submit reports in this regard to the Assembly.

The penalties stipulated in the bill were cancelled due to the harsher penalties stated in other laws like the Foreigners Law. The amendments in the second reading of the bill include the cancellation of exemptions, such as the children and husbands of Kuwaiti women married to foreigners and other GCC citizens. The bill was referred to the government for implementation.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

Source – Arab Times


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