COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait by next summer, iiQ8, Corona Vaccine in Q8

COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait by next summer, iiQ8

Kuwait City, 2nd September, 2020:

Dr. Wasel Al-Adasani, a specialist in infectious and internal diseases, says the COVID-19 vaccine will be released officially in the United States of America at the end of this year or early 2021, reports Al-Anba daily.

In a special statement to the daily, he indicated that the vaccine will arrive in Kuwait by the advent of spring or summer seasons of the year 2021 at the latest.

Dr. Al-Adasani explained that Kuwait is inhabited by 4 million people, and such high quantities of vaccines will not be brought in at once. Because of this, it is expected that they will be brought in batches. The Ministry of Health will organize how it will be administered.

He affirmed that the vast majority of the Kuwaiti society has been following up news concerning the vaccine, and there are some who have reservations about it, adding that this is noticed throughout the world.

When asked whether this vaccination will be optional or compulsory, Dr. Al-Adasani explained that this decision will be based on the policy that the government prepares in this aspect. There are also rumors that just as some countries have set a requirement for results of PCR tests, some countries may render compulsory for people who travel to those countries to be vaccinated.

He stressed the need to take the seasonal influenza vaccine in order to keep pace with climate changes, indicating that taking this vaccination will protect against any increase in life-threatening risks or complications in the event of infection with other types of viruses such as COVID-19, especially for those with conditions, such as the elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases.

Source : Arab Times

COVID-19 vaccine in Kuwait by next summer, iiQ8, Corona Vaccine in Q8

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