Appointment for Health Clinic Center in Kuwait , iiQ8

Book online appointment for Kuwait Health Clinic Center, iiQ8

Step by step instructions to Book An Appointment for Government Health Centers in Kuwait

1. Open The Link given below ( down to this steps) –

2. Click on Appointments Under Hospital & Clinical Services section 

Appointment for Health Clinic Center in Kuwait , iiQ8 1

3. Enter Required Details

Civil ID : 

Serial No : 

Period :  Morning / Evening

Center : Chose available center

Clinical Type : General, Diabetic , Repeated Drug Dispensing

Name : 

Mobile No :

Government Clinic Appointment


Note :

Please note that booking appointments is available from 07:30 AM until 08:00 PM

To Book Appointment after 8 pm please book appintment through PACI Link

Government Clinic Appointment

4. Select Date and Time, you can select Today Date and Tomorrow Date not more than that

enter the details and submit.

Government Health Care Appointment Request

Kuwait Government Health Care Appointment Request : CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENT


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