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CityKuwait City
StateAl Asimah Governate
  • 1.1Attend and participate in safety meetings with thecrew, including but not limited to; pre-job meeting, siteinductions, JHA Toolbox meetings and shift handovers.

  • 1.2Perform all tasks in a safeprofessional manner, follow technical work instructions, completerequired forms and comply with company standards.

  • 1.3Learn PL documentationrequirements, OCP, TWI & Forms, job programs includingschematics, tool/equipment drawings, equipment specifications,etc.

  • 1.4Assist with thepreparation installation and function testing of unit or system tobe operated, including rig up, pressure test and rig down of allequipment and tools.

  • 1.5Complete operations forms and checklists, asrequired.

  • 1.6Assistwith pressure tests, function tests, as per relevant TWI andequipment design specifications.

  • 1.7Under supervision operate and maintain equipment, andclean up, repair and prepare for the next job (ex: changing oil,greasing valves, etc.), as directed by the crew lead.

  • 1.8Monitor equipment controls, andaccurately record well and tool data as per operation requirements;identify potential problems with equipment.

  • 1.9Learn to select appropriate tools andequipment within working parameters and perform preventativemaintenance.

  • 1.10Observe during critical operations.

  • 1.11Under supervision, assist withmemory gauge/tool programming, as required.

  • 1.12Perform equipment maintenance and repairwork as assigned by the crew lead.

  • 1.13Learn and perform troubleshooting ofoperations.

  • 1.14Notifycrew lead of needed spare parts and consumables.

  • 1.15Maintain close contact withthe crew lead regarding work assignments; promptly report allconcerns regarding equipment/process.

  • 1.16Report all incidents, accidents, nearmisses, and unsafe working environments.

  • 1.17Responsible for good housekeeping andcleanliness on location and in the workshop.

  • 1.18Participate in company training programs,enroll and complete courses and competence assigned.

  • 1.19If required, operate companyvehicles according to the Weatherford Driver and Vehicle SafetyPolicy.

  • 1.20Maintainclear and professional communications with all crew members andcompany representatives.

  • 1.21Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy andcomply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual,Operating and Technical Procedures and WorkplaceInstructions.

  • 1.22Workassignments carried out to the highest quality level. And, performvarious other duties and activities as assigned within the physicalconstraints of the job.

  • Strong mechanical knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Some oil and gasindustry field or shop experience

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