Job Vacancy : Company Representative in Q8


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StateKuwait City (downtown)

Job Vacancy: Company Representative in Q8

Posted by : Ibrahim Abdulrahman

Location: Kuwait City

A family owned general trading company looking for a company representative (Expert Mandob) that can handle company procedures in government sector, such as manpower authority, other ministries, bank, clients, lawyers, delivery of documents.

Eligible candidate must have the following criteria:
– Must be in Kuwait.

– Transferable Residency article 18.

– Holding a driving license.

– No less than 5 years experience in this type of field.

– Speaks Arabic, Reading is a plus.

– Having full knowledge of areas in Kuwait

Company benefits:
– Working hours: Split shift. A total of 10 hours a day. Friday off.

– A monthly salary of 275 KWD including one bedroom with full utilities accommodation, vehicle, 20 KWD telephone and gasoline allowance.

– Permanent Job with stable company.

Serious candidate with good ethics, personality and having interest to move to a better career opportunity, please forward the resume to




call/whatsapp 99197766.

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