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Dear Company Contractors,

Please be noticed that the new upcoming tender from the US American Base operation camps in Kuwait for constructing multifunctional warehouses, invites quotes from approved company contractors so please share this tender with your friends and business circle. Please find the scope of work below:

  • This construction consists of new pre-engineered metal building system warehouses at the base, in Kuwait. The project will be delivered using a design-bid-build approach.
  • The project consists of the construction of five new warehouses to house 44 Abrams M1A2K tanks and 4 M88 recovery vehicles each.
  • These warehouses include the addition of two administrative office areas, two maintenance bays, a 10 ton crane, and storage for tools and spare parts. Optional pavement and parking are included in the scope for this project. The five new warehouses are identical and will house 218 Abrams tanks total.
  • Each warehouse is to be constructed for each of the M1A2K Armored Battalions within the 35th Brigade (2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 55th Battalions). Each warehouse is approximately 7,800 square meters consisting of open bay storage areas for the M1A2K tanks, maintenance bays with a bridge crane, and mezzanines with admin office areas for the approximate (50) personnel.
  • The sites will include hardstands for tank maneuvering and inspection purposes. Existing utilities will be extended and rerouted as shown in the design drawings to be connected to the new facilities. Each warehouse will include fire suppression, humidity control, plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems, and communication (data and phone) per the design.
  • The warehouses have electrically operated roll-up doors, with a forklift sized door, and additional fire hydrants as shown in the design. Stormwater drainage features are also included per the design to accommodate the runoff from the new facilities.
  • All work under this contract includes all labor materials equipment tools transportation and necessary supplies to construct the features of work described in this document.
  • The tentative Period of Performance (PoP) is seven hundred and twenty (720) calendar days from Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the entire scope of work.
  • The magnitude of construction of this project is between $25 million and $100 million.

Invite quotes from company contractors so kindly share this information with your friends and business circle. You must register with US Base to participate in all tenders, I can help you to register with US base operations in Kuwait for that my charge is 350 kd. as a consultant. Those who are serious contractor personnel only contact me. This is my mobile number – 65683075 (including WhatsApp) and you may contact me by email at always.


Kumar – 65683075


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