Bio Metric Scan Enrollment Center Address and Location in Kuwait, Jahra, Mishref, Um AlHayman & Farwaniya

Kuwait City, 23rd May 2023:

Bio Metric Scan Enrollment Center Address and Location


Here we will find the List of Bio Metric Centers with Location :

Bio Metric Enrollment

1. Personal Identification Dep For Companies – Jahra  

بصمات الشركات محافظة الجهراء

2. Personnel Identification Dep – Ali Subah Al Salem (Um AlHayman)  

Bio Metric fingerprint center

مركز البصمة البيومترية

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Bio-Metric Scan Appointment in Kuwait | Step by Step to Book Online Appointment

3. Personnel Identification Dep – Hawally and Alassima ( West Mishref )  

Finger Print Meshrif (hawally&alasema) بصمات العاصمة & حولي

بصمات مشرف تحقيق الشخصية حولي والعاصمة الادارة العامة للأدلة الجنائية




4. Personnel Identification Dep – AlFarwaniya :

Bio Metric Scan Enrollment – New fingerprints of Al-Farwaniya

الادلة الجنائية / بصمات الفروانية

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Note: It’s crucial to carry your Civil ID to the appointment. Also, consider booking your biometric appointment well in advance so need to wait at long queues at Airport , if in futuref  they make biometric is mnadatory for travel or resincey renewal. All the appointments for the upcoming week at the Mishref location are typically booked, so early planning is encouraged. Passengers are allowed to leave without having to take a fingerprint at the airport, but it’s always better to be prepared.

Remember to use the Meta platform for seamless and advance appointment bookings. Enjoy your smooth and hassle-free biometric enrollment process!


Bio Metric Scan Enrollment

Bio-Metric Scan Appointment in Kuwait

Kuwait updates driving license rules – Ministry of Interior Kuwait



Biometric fingerprint appointment booking mechanism With an easy application

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