Online renewal of driving licenses begins – Procedure to collect the driving license

Online renewal of driving licenses begins, iiQ8, Procedure to collect the driving license

The steps to renew the license online are as follows:

1 – Enter the website of the Ministry of Interior and follow the instructions. (given below)

2 – Choose the language to use.

3 – Insert the civil ID card in the machine.

4 – Enter the username and password of your account.

5 – Press to continue.

6 – Enter the old driving license.

7 – Preview the new driving license data.

8 – Press to print and withdraw the civil ID.

9 – Collect the new driving license.

10 – Done.

  1. Open the below mentioned Traffic Dept. website

2. Select Driving License E-Services  

it will open the REGISTRATION / LOGIN Page for Driving License

3. If you don’t have account, please select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

Don’t have an account? Create a new account

Register and follow the screen

4. If you have registered already, please login with your USER NAME & PASSWORD

& follow the instruction on the screen.

PACI Website – Civil ID Appointment

Digital Civil ID – How to Install in Mobile
5. If you don’t know the password, you can reset the password via below link or FOR

General Department of Traffic
The General Directorate of Traffic is responsible for issuing driving licenses, vehicles licenses and collection of traffic violations.

Driving License Renewal
Apply for renewal of Driving license

Driving License Renewal Request

Request Details

The current valid photo – Will be printed on the new driving license
YOU CAN SEE YOUR PREVIOUS PHOTO OF THE DRIVING LICENSE, If you want to change photo, you can change the PHOTO on Driving License. 

Request Attachments

Please upload the below documents

  • The allowed document types for personal photo and signature are .jpg, .jpeg and for other documents are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg
  • The maximum file size is 2 MB for documents and 244 KB for personal photo and signature
  • Personal photo should be clear and with no light reflection
  • Personal photo should follow the required specifications
SI No. Documents Attached File Attachment Browse
1 Civil ID Copy * No attachment  Upload
2 Personal Signature * No attachment  Upload  Sign
 Submit Request  Back
After uploading the CIVIL ID Copy and Personal Signature
Click on Submit Request 
Your request has been submitted successfully – The Request Reference number is: “xxxxxxxxx”.
Please pay the license fee 3 KD to proceed with the processing
Click To Continue

All rights reserved to the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait – 2020

Pay 3 KD via K-Net payment.

Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt / إيصال الدفع
Civil ID Your Civil ID Number الرقم المدني
Applicant Name  Your Name اسم العميل
Request Type License Renewal / طلب تجديد رخصة نوع الطلب
License Type Private / رخصة خاصة نوع الرخصة
Request No  xxxxxxxxx رقم الطلب
Mode of Payment PAYGATE طريقة الدفع
Payment Details / تفاصيل الدفع
Status SUCCESS / تمت العملية بنجاح الحالة
Date & Time DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM AM التاريخ / الوقت
Amount – KD 3.000 المبلغ – د.ك
Reference Number XXXXXXXXX رقم المرجع
Payment ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX رقم الدفع
Transaction No XXXXXXX رقم العملية
Conductor Name Online Payment اسم المحصل
 Print Receipt Preview License  Back
All rights reserved to the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait – 2020

Done –

  • You Can Print the Receipt
  • You can Preview License and take screenshot and print.

Open the Traffic Dept. website


Select Driving License E-Services OR Click 

It will open the REGISTRATION / LOGIN Page for Driving License

Website Ministry of Interior

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 18: The Ministry of Interior launched the service of renewing driving licenses using online service, through the Ministry’s website reports Al Qabas

The Traffic Department launched the service at the Avenues Mall in the presence of Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs and Operations Maj Gen Jamal Al-Sayegh and other senior officials. The employees of MOI were working to guide Kuwaitis and expats on procedures for renewing driving licenses and solving their problems.

A well-informed source explained that the security establishment is showing great interest in developing its electronic services provided to Kuwaitis and expats in order to facilitate the completion of transactions that serve the broad sectors of society.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior is working to introduce many technical systems to keep pace with the process of investment of this technology in the rapid development witnessed in the world, noting that these systems have a significant impact in reducing the documentary cycle of security communications and reduce the factor of time and effort.

He added that the licenses will be renewed electronically as a first stage with the addition of other services in the future, such as issuing a replacement of lost and damaged and a new issuance and issuing a form without the need to attend to traffic departments except in cases that need to be audited by the technical office of the traffic and operations sector.

Number of people praised on implementation of new technology that defeats the paperwork and save time and effort. Hamdan Al Dhafiri said that the renewal of driving licenses electronically eliminates routine and crowding and facilitates the completion of transactions away from traffic in government agencies.

For replacement of lost or damaged driving licenses, applicants must visit the concerned department based on the address in their civil ID. In the normal case, the applicant will insert their expired driving license into the machine in order to obtain the new one. However, if the driving license is lost or damaged, the applicant will not be able to carry out the transaction online. Currently, there are two options available for those seeking to renew their driving licenses – either renew it online or visit the relevant traffic department.

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