What is SiDi Wallet ? , Simple Digital Wallet Download and features

Comment on this post with “SiDi Wallet ” to get a chance to WIN 50 KD.

What is SiDi Wallet ?, Simple Digital Wallet Download and features

How to participate (mechanics):
1. Download the SiDi App bit.ly/sidifbpr
2. Register your digital wallet – watch this video if you need help bit.ly/sidioben
3. Comment on this post with “SiDi Wallet Opened” to enter the daily draw
4. This is a series of 5 competitions with one daily winner of 50 KD
5. Only customers with income less than 400 KD are eligible
6. Participation is limited to those living in Kuwait
7. Only customers with successfully opened and registered SiDi Banking Wallets are eligible
8. Warba Bank and SiDi employees are not allowed to participate
9. A single winner will be randomly selected (via draw) and announced the next day
Download the SiDi App now!

Shabnam tells us it only took her minutes to open her SiDi Wallet. She now has her own account and feels truly in control of her money.
Download SiDi now!
शबनम हमें बताती है कि उसे अपना SiDi वॉलेट खोलने में केवल कुछ मिनट लगे। अब उसका अपना खाता है और वह वास्तव में अपने पैसे पर नियंत्रण महसूस करती है।
अब सिडी डाउनलोड करें!

How to open a digital banking wallet

Open your digital banking wallet in simple steps using the SiDi App.

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