SAP System Administration Transactions – 1

SAP System Administration Transactions – 1


Basis admin transactions

SAP System Administration Transactions - 1 1



Useful SAP System Administration Transactions – BASIS

AL01  SAP Alert Monitor
AL02  Database alert monitor
AL03  Operating system alert monitor
AL04  Monitor call distribution
AL05  Monitor current workload
AL06  Performance: Upload/Download
AL07  EarlyWatch Report
AL08  Users Logged On
AL09  Data for database expertise
AL10  Download to Early Watch
AL11  Display SAP Directories
AL12  Display table buffer (Exp. session)
AL13  Display Shared Memory (Expert mode)
AL15  Customize SAPOSCOL destination
AL16  Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst.
AL17  Remote Alert Monitor for Operat. Syst.
AL18  Local File System Monitor
AL19  Remote File System Monitor
AL20  EarlyWatch Data Collector List
AL21  ABAP Program analysis
AL22  Dependent objects display
CREF  Cross-reference
BSVW  Linkage Status Update-Workflow Event
CMOD  Enhancements
DB01  Analyze exclusive lock waits
DB02  Analyze tables and indexes
DB03  Parameter changes in database
DB11  Early Watch Profile Maintenance
DB12  Overview of Backup Logs
DB13  Database administration calendar
DB14  Show SAPDBA Action Logs
DB15  Data Archiving: Database Tables
DB16  DB System Check: Monitor
DB17  DB System Check: Configuration
DMIG  Start Transaction for Data Migration
DB2   Select Database Activities
DB20  DB Cost-Based Optimizer: Tab. Stats
DB21  DB Cost-Based Optimizer: Config.
DB24  Database Operations Monitor
DB26  DB Profile:Monitor and Configuration
DB2J  Manage JCL jobs for OS/390
DBCO  Database Connection Maintenance
FILE  Cross-Client File Names/Paths
NACE  WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen
OAA1  SAP ArchiveLink: Maint.user st.syst
OAA3  SAP ArchiveLink protocols
OAA4  SAP ArchiveLink applic.maintenance
OAAD  ArchiveLink Administration Documents
OAC2  SAP ArchiveLink: Globaldoc. types
OAC5  SAP ArchiveLink: Bar code entry
OACA  SAP ArchiveLink workflow parameters
OAD0  SAP ArchiveLink: Objectlinks
OAD2  SAP ArchiveLink document classes
OAD3  SAP ArchiveLink: Link tables
OAD4  SAP ArchiveLink: Bar code types
OAD5  SAP ArchiveLink: Customizing Wizard
OADR  SAP ArchiveLink: Print list search
OAM1  SAP ArchiveLink: Monitoring
OAOR  SAP ArchiveLink: Storeddocuments
OARE  SAP ArchiveLink:St.syst.return codes
OS01  LAN check with ping
OS03  O/S Parameter changes
OS04  Local System Configuration
OS05  Remote System Cconfiguration
OS06  Local Operating System Activity
OS07  Remote Operating SystemActivity
OSS1  Logon to Online ServiceSystem
OY18  Table history
OY08  Development Class Overview
PFCG  Activity Group
PFUD  Authorization Profile comparison
RLOG  Data migration logging
RZ01  Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ02  Network Graphics for SAP Instances
RZ03  Presentation, Control SAP Instances
RZ04  Maintain SAP Instances


SAP Client Copy – Local, Remote & Import / export

RZ06  Alerts Thresholds Maintenance
RZ08  SAP Alert Monitor
RZ10  Maintenance of profile parameters
RZ11  Profile parameter maintenance
RZ12  Maintain RFC Server Group Assignment
RZ20  CCMS Monitoring
RZ21  Customize CCMS Alert Monitor
SA38  ABAP/4 Reporting
SAD0  Address Management call
SADC  Address: Maint. communication types
SALE  Display ALE Customizing
SAINT Plug-in Installation
SARI  Archive Information System
SAR3  Customizing Archiving
SAR4  Define Archiving Class
SAR5  Assign Archiving Class
SAR6  Archiving Time Generator
SARA  Archive management
SARL  Call of ArchiveLink Monitor
SARP  Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute
SART  Display Reporting Tree
SB01  Business Navigator – Component View
SB02  Business Navigator – Process flow vw
SBAS  Assignments to Process Model Elemts
SC38  Start Report Immediately
SCAT  Computer Aided Test Tool
SCC0  Client Copy
SCC1  Client Copy – Special Selections
SCC2  Client transport
SCC3  Client Copy Log
SCC4  Client administration
SCC5  Client Delete
SCC6  Client Import
SCC7  Client Import – Post Processing

What is SAP Landscape?

SCC8  Client Export
SCC9  Remote Client Copy
SCCL  Local Client Copy
SCDO  Display Change DocumentObjects
SCMP  View / Table Comparison
SCOM  SAPcomm: Configuration
SCON  SAPconnect – Administration
SCPF  Generate enterprise IMG
SCPR1 Customizing Profiles : Maintenance Tool
SCPR2 Comparing Customizing profiles
SCUA  Central User Administration : Distribution Model Assigment
SCUG  Central User Administration Structure Display
SCUM  Central User Administration Field Selection
SCU0  Table Analyses And Comparison
SCU1  Table Comparison – Export to Tape
SCU2  Table Comparison Against Tape
SCU3  Table History
SD11  Data Modeler
SDBE  Explain an SQL Statement


What is SAP R3 Architecture ?


SAP Architecture

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