Kuwait Ministries Telephone Contact numbers 

Kuwait Ministries Telephone Contact numbers 

In this page we can find the land line contact telephone numbers of Ministry of Telephone – Ministry of Communications telephone land line number in Kuwait.

Kuwait Ministry of Water telephone contact number

Awqaf & Islamic Affairs 22480000
Commerce & Industry 22480000
Communications 24819033
Defence 24848300
Education 24836800
Electricity & Water 24896000
Finance 22480000
Foreign Affairs 22425141
Higher Education 22401300
Housing 22480000
Information 22415301
Interior 22433840
Justice, Legal & Administative Affairs 22480000
Oil 22415200
Planning 22428200
Public Health 22462900
Public Works 25385520
Social Affairs & Labour 22480000


Kuwait Ministries Contact numbers Telephone numbers 

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