Kuwait Government Hospitals telephone numbers

List of contact numbers in Kuwait of Hospitals / Clinics of Government – Telephone land line numbers. 

Kuwait Ministry of Interior and Consumer Protection telephone contact number

Kuwait Ministry of Telephone Exchanges contact numbers

Adan 23940620
Al Sabah 24812000/5000
Blood Bank 25339511
Cancer Control Centre 24849100
Drug Control 24837245
Gastroenterology Centre 22450080
Infectious Diseases 24870351
Jahra 24575300
Maternity 24843100/2100
Mubarak Al Kabeer 25312700/9
Psychiatric Centre 24843900
Razi 24846000
Sulaibikhat Orthopedic 24874240
Allergy 24849252
Amiri Casualties 22450005
Burns Centre 24840300
Chest Diseases 24849400
Farwaniya 24888000
Ibn Sina 24840300
Islamic Medicine Centre 24849000
Kidney Centre 24840027
Milatary 24729911
Opthamology 24840300
Quarantine 24873272
Sanatorium for Women 24848022
Transplant Centre 24844240


Kuwait Government Hospitals telephone numbers

In this page we can find the land line contact telephone numbers of  Government Hospital telephone number in Kuwait.

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