I have 83 Lakh of Rupees, Want 3 lakhs as a fixed monthly income?

I have 83 Lakh of Rupees, Want to get a minimum of 3 lakhs as a fixed monthly income?


I have 83 lakh of rupees. I will retire next month. Where should I invest so that I get a minimum of 3 lakhs as a fixed monthly income?


To make a monthly income of 3 lakhs INR as fixed income with 83 lakhs INR saving you should have to make 45% ( approx.) returns annually which cannot be achieved with any traditional investment instruments available in India.

So consider this for say 12 months to gain enough secured capital for rest of your life.

Option 1 :

Cigarette trading :

On an average wholesaler makes 5–6% on cigarettes i.e. 4 lakhs on your 83 lakhs. Since its high demand reliable product with correct marketing you can rotate your capital at least 10 times per month producing 40 lakhs as gross profit every month.

Considering you do it for 12 months you gain 4.8 crores in a year as gross profit and 3.5 crores as net profit after taxes. At the end of 1 year you will hold 4.3 crores as your retirement corpus.


Option 2:

Agro trading :

Agriculture produce mainly fresh vegetables , greens , grains etc. have a profitability of 40–60% margin against what is truly paid to farmer at the farm.

Even if you rotate your capital 5 times a month estimating at 25% margin will give you 1 crore gross profit. In year you will easily accumulate 12 crores as your retirement corpus.


Post 12 months of your accumulation time you would be left with 4 to 12 crores as corpus depending on option of your choice.

Now you can happily retire with tension free fixed income.


1. Consumption based equity :

Their are good consumption based high dividend paying stocks which can give you 8–12% tax free dividend income apart from appreciating 6–10% annually. Considering you invest 50% of corpus you can make 2– 5 lakhs a month tax free holding up your value against inflation.


2. Fixed deposit :

Allocating 10–20% of your corpus in fixed deposit will take care of that uneventful moment during retirement with health issues apart from providing 5% return annually post taxation.


3. Gold :

Remaining 30–40% of your proceedings can be invested in Gold which acts as hedge against equity risk apart from providing 8–10% annualized appreciation of value.


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To generate a minimum fixed monthly income of 3 lakh rupees from your savings of 83 lakh rupees, you can consider different investment options. The key is to find investments that offer a regular income stream while also preserving your capital. Here’s a general guideline on how you might achieve this:

1. Fixed Deposits (FDs):
Fixed deposits in banks or post offices offer a fixed interest rate. The interest rate varies from bank to bank and may change over time. Typically, FDs provide regular interest payments on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. You can choose an FD with a higher interest rate to maximize your monthly income. However, FD interest rates are subject to market fluctuations.

2. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS):
If you are a senior citizen, you can invest in the SCSS, which typically offers higher interest rates than regular savings accounts or FDs. The interest is paid out quarterly, providing you with regular income.

3. Monthly Income Plans (MIPs):
Mutual funds offer MIPs, which aim to provide regular monthly income. They typically invest in a mix of debt and equity instruments. The returns may vary depending on market conditions, but they can provide a stable income.

4. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS):
POMIS is a government-backed savings scheme that provides a fixed monthly income. The interest rates are set by the government and may change periodically.

5. Dividend-Paying Stocks:
You can invest in dividend-paying stocks to receive regular dividends, but this option involves more risk compared to fixed-income investments like FDs or bonds.

6. Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) from Mutual Funds:
You can invest in mutual funds and set up a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) to receive a fixed amount each month. The returns are dependent on the performance of the underlying funds.

7. Bonds and Debentures:
Some bonds and debentures offer periodic interest payments, which can provide a regular income. Be sure to research the creditworthiness of the issuer.

It’s important to diversify your investments to manage risk and consider factors like inflation and taxation. Also, keep in mind that investment returns can fluctuate, so you may want to consult with a financial advisor to create a customized plan based on your risk tolerance and financial goals.


Additionally, the interest rates and investment options available may have changed after my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, so be sure to check the latest rates and regulations before making any investment decisions.

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