What is Bharat | Meaning of India and Bharat

What is Bharat


Bharata (Sanskrit: भरत, romanized: Bharata) is a character in the ancient hindu epic Ramayana. He is the son of Dasharatha, the king of Kosala, and Kaikeyi, the daughter of King Ashvapati of Kekeya. He is a younger half-brother of Rama. He rules Ayodhya as its regent while Rama is banished from his kingdom, and fights to rescue his wife Sita, kidnapped by Ravana.


Why is Bharat instead of India?
The name ‘India’ was given by the colonial Raj and is thus a symbol of slavery.” ‘India, that is Bharat…’ it is there in the Constitution. When you say ‘Bharat’, a meaning, an understanding and a connotation that comes with it is also reflected in our Constitution.


Bharat (term), the name for India in various Indian languages. Bharata Khanda, the Sanskrit name for the Indian subcontinent. Bharatavarsha, another Sanskrit name for the Indian subcontinent.


What is Bharat?

Some info about the word “Bharat” :

1. Historical Roots: The word “Bharat” has its origins in ancient Indian scriptures and texts.

2. Origin: In Hindu scriptures, Bharat is the name of an ancient king who ruled a legendary kingdom, giving the land its name.

3. Constitutional Mention: The term “Bharat” is officially recognized as the name of India in the Indian Constitution. Article 1 of the Constitution states, “India, that is Bharat shall be a Union of States.”


INDIA is renamed as BHARAT 🇮🇳 , What do you think?


4. Cultural Significance: “Bharat” is often used to refer to India in a more traditional and cultural sense, emphasizing its deep historical and cultural heritage.

5. Linguistic Connections: It is also worth noting that “Bharat” is used to refer to India in several Indian languages, including Hindi and Sanskrit.

6. Symbolic Meaning: Beyond its literal usage, “Bharat” symbolizes the unity and diversity of India, reflecting the country’s rich history and cultural tapestry.

7. Independence Movement: During the Indian independence movement, the term “Bharat” was widely used to emphasize the cultural and historical identity of India as it sought independence from British rule.

8. Modern Usage: Today, “Bharat” is often used alongside “India” as the official name of the country, highlighting its ancient heritage alongside its modern identity.


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Is Bharat and India same?
The country’s constitution references both names: India to be used for statements in English and Bharat to be used in Hindi. The country is also called Hindustan, which many right-wing Hindu groups have called for to be the official name. Notably, all names have been in use long before the colonial era.


Bharat, or Bharath, may refer to:

  • Bharat (term), the name for India in various Indian languages
    • Bharata Khanda, the Sanskrit name for the Indian subcontinent
    • Bharatavarsha, another Sanskrit name for the Indian subcontinent
  • Bharata, the name of several legendary figures or groups:
    • Bharata (Ramayana), a Hindu deity
    • Bharata (Mahabharata), a legendary king
    • Bharata Chakravartin, a figure in Jain mythology
    • Bharata (disambiguation), other entities with the name
  • Bharat (given name), a contemporary given name (including a list of people with the name)
  • Bharat (film), a 2019 Indian Hindi-language drama by Ali Abbas Zafar
  • Bharat Biotech, an Indian biotechnology company
  • Bharat Electronics, an Indian aerospace and defence company
  • Bharat FC, a former Indian professional football team
  • Bharat Petroleum, an Indian oil and gas company
  • Bharat stage emission standards, a set of Indian emissions standards
  • Barat, Bannu, also Bharat, a village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
  • Bharath (actor) (born 1983), Indian film actor
  • Bharath University, in Chennai, India


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