How to Register to Vaccinated Person outside Kuwait, Steps, Benefits of Immune App


How to Register to Vaccinated Person outside Kuwait, Steps, Benefits of Immune App 1



Ministry of Health, State of Kuwait is accepting the Vaccination Documents issued abroad to be registered and validated by Public Health Department, so that it will enable all those vaccinated abroad (with Covid 19 Vaccines approved by Ministry of Health, Kuwait) upon approval, Register in Immune-مناعة APP and enjoy the same benefits /privileges as those who are vaccinated within the state of Kuwait.


Steps to Register:

  1. Click the link or copy the link onto a browser and open for registration:
  2. Enter the Civil id Issued by Kuwait for Citizens and Residents, and an active email address which may be confirmed by re-entering in “Confirm email” Field.
  3. Submit the Send Verification code. You will now receive an One time Verification code via Email to the Email address entered.
  4. Please enter this Verification code in the code Verification page.
  5. Upon validation you will be allowed access to registration page where you will fill the demographic details, Mobile Number and Vaccination Information.
  6. Upload the vaccine document issued by the appropriate authority of the Country from which you got Vaccinated. This document Should be a Pdf document of size less than 500 KB.
  7. Once you are sure that all information entered is correct and have checked the declaration confirming that all information registered is correct Please submit for further processing. It will take three working days for the Public Health Department to verify and send the status of Approval of submitted Document and related information.
  8. If approved, then download our IMMUNE App from Apple’s App store or Google Play store and Register to access vaccination details through Immune App.

– iOS Download link

– Google Play Store Download Link

Benefits of Immune App:


  1. For those who are Vaccinated with One dose, from the 14th day Immune app will display the status as Vaccinated (First dose Only) in “Green” thereby providing free movement to public locations like Theater, Malls etc. For those who are vaccinated with two doses, they will maintain their Green Status post Vaccination.
  2. Those who are Vaccinated with One dose and have not passed 14 days, the status will be Vaccinated (First Dose Only) but in Red. Those who are not Vaccinated their Status will be “Not Vaccinated” in Red.
  3. For those arriving from abroad, if their status is Green, then they will be sent for Home Quarantine. Those who are of Red status will be directed to Institutional Quarantine.

How to Register to Vaccinated Person outside Kuwait, Steps, Benefits of Immune App

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