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CityKuwait City
StateAl Asimah Governate


  • Consulting withpatients to understand their symptoms and healthconcerns.
  • Diagnosing and treating acuteillness, such as bacterial and viral infections, as well as chronicdiseases and conditions, such as hypertension, heart disease, ordiabetes.
  • Prescribing or administeringmedication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat orprevent illness, disease, or injury.
  • Explaining procedures and discussing test results orprescribed treatments with patients.
  • Monitoring patients' conditions and progress, andre-evaluating treatments, as necessary.
  • Providing health and wellness advice to patients,including diet, physical activity, hygiene, and diseaseprevention.
  • Immunizing patients againstpreventable diseases.
  • Maintaining detailednotes of appointments with patients, including comments, testsand/or treatments prescribed, and test results.
  • Referring patients to other medical specialists, whennecessary.
  • Providing support and advice topatients receiving long-term care.
  • Preparingofficial health documents or records, when necessary.
  • Conducting research into the testing and development ofnew medications, methods of treatment, or procedures to prevent orcontrol illness, disease, or injury.


  • Bachelor’s degree in biology, physicalsciences, or a related field.
  • Doctor ofMedicine (MD) degree or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)degree.
  • 8 years’ internship andclinical residency training, specializing in internalmedicine.
  • Successful completion of theInternal Medicine Certification Examination.
  • Valid and active medical license in the state you wish topractice.
  • Exceptional attention todetail.
  • Outstanding research and analyticalskills.
  • Excellent communicator who canempathize with patients.
  • Flexible workinghours.

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