Car Passing and Car Transfer Information in Kuwait, iiQ8

Car Passing and Car Transfer Information in Kuwait – iiQ8 info

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Farwaniya Murur (Traffic Department) car passing is in morning hours and car transfer in afternoon hours 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM better to go by 12 PM else it will be rush for car transfer only…


Hawally Murur (Traffic Department – Jabriya) you have to take an appointment for car passing or car transfer you can go anytime you choose from the appointment page better I would suggest going early in the morning by 8:00 AM or as you are comfortable time.


For car Passing you do not need to fahas (car checking) just go to murur on your time. From outside buy a stamp with your bank K-net card 5 KD and put the stamp on paper and go inside and just give it to any counter inside and with 5 minutes they will give you new daftar.

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