Advice on Residency Law, iiQ8, Domestic Workers’ Legal Guide


Advice on Residency Law

Advice on Residency Law, iiQ8, Domestic Workers' Legal Guide 1

  1. The residency will be canceled if a worker’s absence from Kuwait exceeds 6 months.
  2. A foreign national who is awaiting deportation may be detained for a period of no more than thirty days if such detainment is essential for the execution of the deportation order.
  3. A foreign national can be deported from Kuwait by order of the Minister of Interior if he/she is not in possession of a residence permit or if his/ her permit has expired. The foreign national may return to Kuwait if the appropriate conditions are met.
  4. Hosting, housing, or employing any foreigner who resides illegally in the country is prohibited, and it is also prohibited to employ a foreigner during the course of his/her employment contract with a third party.
  5. A foreign national who has previously been deported from Kuwait may not return to the country, unless given special permission by the Minister of Interior.


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