130 KD Health Insurance for Expats in 2022, iiQ8, MOH Kuwait

Kuwait City, 27th December 2020:

130 KD Health Insurance for Expats in 2022, iiQ8, MOH Kuwait

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daman, Al-Sanea stated that by the end of the year the hospital will have a capacity of 600 beds and 5 primary care centers in preparation for the start of the operation in early 2022.

Regarding the price of the fees to be paid by the visitors, he stated that “the fees are specified through the insurance at 130 dinars for each reference, in addition to the visit fees and we are committed to that.”

He stated that the number of patients who have received health care in the Hawalli and Farwaniya centers since their commercial operation has exceeded 5,000, reports Al Rai. During the inauguration of Primary health care center in Dajeej area he stated that “A Daman Company has a cooperation with the Ministry of Health which has quality of services that are covered with the guarantee and other services that will be maintained by the Ministry of Health.”


Source – Arab Times


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