Yadavas Through The Ages Book written by J.N. Singh Yadav , iiQ8 Education

Yadavas Through The Ages Book written by J.N. Singh Yadav , iiQ8 Education Content

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Part One
Chapter One Origin of Yadavas 1
Chapter Two The Haihaya Yadavas 13
Chapter Three The Great Expansion 27
Chapter Four Yadavas in Scriptures 52
Chapter Five Yadavas in Vedic and Post-Vedic Age 70
Chapter Six Yadavas in Treta Age 80
Chapter Seven Sri Krsna and His Times 92
Chapter Eight The Republican Yadavas 110
Chapter Nine The Bharata War 121
Chapter Ten The Date of Bharata War 134
Chapter Eleven The Expansion of Yadava-Abhiras 143
Chapter Twelve Yadavas after Bharata War 148
Chapter Thirteen Yadava Dynasties of Early Kaliyuga 152

Part Two
Chapter One The Yadavas in Daksinapatha 171
Chapter Two The Satavahana-Yadavas 186
Chapter Three The Pandya Yadavas 195
Chapter Four The Nolamba Pallava Yadavas 205
Chapter Five The Rastrakuta Yadavas (752-973 A.D.) 214
Chapter Six Kalachuris of Kamataka 228
Chapter Seven The Hoysalas of Dorasamudra (1022-1346 A.D.) 236
Chapter Eight The Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri (834-1334 A.D.) 257
Chapter Nine The Seune YadavasDevagiri 267
Chapter Ten The Sovereign Rule 280
Chapter Eleven Yadavas at zenith of Glory 293
Chapter Twelve The Yadava Empire: Beginning of End 309
Chapter Thirteen The Yadava Empire of Vijayanagar (1336-1485 A.D.)-I 325
Chapter Fourteen The Yadava Empire of Vijayanagar (1485-1571 A.D.)-II 330
Chapter Fifteen The Yadava Empire of Vijayanagar (1571-1678 A.D.) III 344
Chapter Sixteen The Yadava Empire of Vijayanagar-IV Art, Architecture and the People 353
Chapter Seventeen Some Minor Ruling Families 368
Chapter Eighteen The Wodiyars (Yadavas of Mysore) (1399-1947) 374

Volume II

Chapter One The Abhiras or Ahirs 1
Chapter Two The Abhira Rulers of South West 20
Chapter Three Yadava-Ahir Rulers of Saurastra 28
Chapter Four The Kalachuri-Yadavas 39
Chapter Five The Kalachuris of Tripuri 46
Chapter Six The Pala-Yadava Dynasty 57
Chapter Seven The Jadam (Bhatti)-Yadavas of Jaisalmer 68
Chapter Eight Expansion and Consolidation 79
Chapter Nine Contact with Mughals 89
Chapter Ten The Yadavas who become Jats 97
Chapter Eleven The Jadam-Yadavas of Braja Janapada 110
Chapter Twelve The Ahir Kingdom of Rewari 120
Chapter Thirteen The Expansion of Yadavas 135
Chapter Fourteen Distribution of Yadavas 150
Chapter Fifteen Social Life and Culture 159
Chapter Sixteen Rites and Rituals 170
Chapter Sixteen The Family Life 183
Chapter Eighteen Games and Sports 196
Chapter Nineteen Sub-Castes (Gotras) 214
Chapter Twenty The Contemporary Yadavas 228


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