What is the list of Made in China products available in India ? iiQ8

List of made in china products in India

What products that India imports from china?

What is the list of Made in China products available in India ?

Here are The products that India imports from china

Broadcasting equipment
Office Machine Parts
Integrated circuits
Broadcasting Accessories

Semiconductor Devices
Electrical Transformers
Other Furniture
Knit Sweaters
Trunks and Cases
Video Displays
Vehicle Parts
Non-Knit Women’s Suits
Insulated wire
Video recording equipment
Electric Heaters
Light Fixtures
Rubber Footwear
Industrial Printers
Other Plastic Products
Printed Circuit Boards
Video games and Card Games
Microphones and Headphones
Low-voltage Protection Equipment
Leather shoes
Models and Stuffed animals
Rubber Tires


The 10 major commodities exported from China to India were:

Electronic equipment: Smartphones
Machines, engines, pumps
Organic chemicals
Iron and steel
Iron or steel products
Gems, precious metals
Ships, boats
Medical, technical equipment

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