There will be 2 Ramadans in a year in 2030, iiQ8 info

There will be two #Ramadans in a year in 2030

The lunar calendar and cycles of the moon is what dictates when an event like #Ramadan will fall. A part of the lunar month though is that it moves forwards by 10-11 days each year. What this means is that in 2030, #Ramadan will fall both in January and then again in December.

In 2030, the holy month of #Ramadan will occur twice in one year, once in January and then again in December.

The reason for this unusual occurrence is that Islamic dates follow the lunar cycle. A lunar year is 354 days, shorter than the 365 days of the solar-based Gregorian calendar used by much of the western world.

So this means that all Muslim dates appear to move back by about 11 days a year.

The Saudi Arabian calendar for 2030 on the website explains that Ramadan is likely to be observed on January 6, 2030, followed by Eid Al-Fitr on February 5, and then a second Ramadan starting on December 26.

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April 7, 2022 6:42 AM

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