Salmiya – 360Mall – Book & ride with GoCity in Kuwait, iiQ8

Salmiya – 360Mall – Book & ride with GoCity in Kuwait, iiQ8


Book & ride with GoCity Kuwait, iiQ8, Salmiya – 360Mall . Salmiya – 360Mall – Book  

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Salmiya – 360 Mall

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360 Mall is a shopping mall located on the Sixth Ring Highway in the South Surra, Kuwait that opened on 5 July 2009. The mall has a circular design, and its name 360 is derived from the circular design of the complex, and its design follows the modern architectural design of the exterior and interior.

Address: Jassem Mohamed Al Kharafi Rd Block 7, Al Zahraa South Surra، 13151

Opened: July 5, 2009

Phone: 2530 9530

Total retail floor area: 82,000 m2 (880,000 sq ft)

Function: Shopping mall

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Al Mughira Bin Shuba St, Salmiya


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