Recruitment fees for domestic workers to increase by 50%, JobsinQ8

Kuwait City, 15th January 2021:

Recruitment fees for domestic workers to increase by 50 %

60 % of domestic workers are from the Philippines

Given the challenges that recruitment offices face, it is likely that the recruitment cost for domestic workers will increase by 50 per cent, Al Rai reported. In the past the recruitment fee, which includes travel and administrative transactions, was set at 990 Kuwaiti dinars by the Ministry of Commerce, but now due to several factors recruitment agencies are asking that the price be raised to around 1,400 to 1,500 Kuwaiti dinars.

One of the reasons they want the cost to go up is because recruitment offices in the host countries have added new costs to their services, which affects the overall cost of the recruitment process. Another factor is that now all domestic workers entering Kuwait need to conduct several PCR tests and must be quarantined in a hotel or accommodation, all of which are extra costs.

In addition, ticket prices have gone up and the process of re-booking of flights happens more frequently due to several lockdown and travel restriction measures enforced in Kuwait and in the host country.

Domestic workers in Kuwait:-

The most common way for domestic workers to enter Kuwait is through recruitment agencies that partner with local offices in the host country to assist with logistics and administrative affairs.

The largest nationality of domestic workers that come to work in Kuwait are Filipinos, making up 60 per cent of total domestic workers, Bassam Al Shammari, owner of a domestic workers’ company said.

There is a large presence of Filipino domestic workers as there is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Kuwait and the Philippines on the matter of recruitment.


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