Kuwait – Phase 4 will start from Tuesday, 18th August, iiQ8

The Kuwait Government – Cabinet decides to start fourth phase from Tuesday

KUWAIT CITY: iiQ8 News – 13th August, 2020:

  • Restaurants and Cafes to open
  • Public Transportation will start
  • Govt and private sector workplaces to operate with 50 per cent

The head of the Government Communication Center and the official spokesperson for the government, Tariq Al-Muzrim, announced the ministers agreed to move to the fourth stage of the return to normalcy plan next Tuesday, 18 August.

Some activities listed in the fifth phase to operate during the fourth phase while adhering to health requirements, which include sports and health clubs, personal care shops, salons and barbershops, tailoring shops and workshops.

As part of the Fourth stage of return to normalcy Restaurants and cafes will be allowed to open with spacing. Public transport will open with spacing and government and private sector will open with 50 per cent capacity.

Football season will resume as part of preparations for regional and international tournaments to be held without an audience and the implementation of health requirements, as of 15 August, 2020.

The ministers agreed to move to the fourth stage of the plan to restore normalcy from Tuesday, 18th of August, 2020.

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Phase One :
Sheikh Bassel said activities to resume in first phase included home deliveries of restaurants, telecommunication companies, food retailers, companies’ transportation of employees, gas stations, private clinics and car workshops.

Phase Two :
The second phase will see the curfew shortens to be between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., said Sheikh Bassel.

In this phase, he said, workforce in government and private sectors should be less than 30 percent,
in addition to resumption of constructions, banking sector, malls opening for eight hours and
according to special instructions, parks and pickups from restaurants.

Phase Three :
Sheikh Bassel said the third phase would see an end of curfew, and health authorities would be assessing situation of areas under lockdown. He said phase three would see increase of workforce to less than 50 percent. He added visits for social care homes would be allowed, reopening of hotels, resorts and hotel apartments. Taxis will be allowed to operate with only one passenger, and Mosques would be allowed to perform Friday prayers.

Phase Four :
Phase four, said the Minister of health, would see an increase in workforce, restaurants would be receiving customers but with restrictions, and public transportation resumed but with distancing.

Phase Five :
Sheikh Bassel said all activities would resume in phase five, government and private sector returned to normal, families could gather, weddings and graduation ceremonies, health clubs and gyms to reopen, as well as cinemas and theaters. Sheikh Bassel said success of phases depended on compliance with health instructions, like two meter physical distancing, covering mouth and nose, hand wash and stay home.

He urged the public to be extra careful with senior citizens who suffered from chronic diseases. “Failure to comply with these instructions could cause a setback and we go back to the previous step,” he warned.

There will not be a normal life without a vaccine or a drug, he said. Sheik Bassel addressed a message to all people in Kuwait: “Cooperate, optimism and not let down.”

Source : KUNA

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