Mowasalat Card Price in Dubai UAE Bus Pass Register Now

What is Mowasalat Card?

Mowasalat Card Price in Dubai UAE Bus Pass Register Now

Mowasalat card is monthly subscription for public transport buses for unlimited free rides.

Where do I Purchase and renew Mowasalat card?

You can purchase or renew your Mowasalat card on board of Mowasalat city buses by paying the driver.

What is the subscription cost?

Subscription cost is AED 225 Monthly.

What is the card cost?

An initial Mowasalat Card purchase fee of AED 5.

How can I check the Mowasalat card Expiry?

The card Expiry of your Mowasalat Card is shown in your Mowasalat ticket issued every time you travel with Mowasalat Buses.

Mowasalat Card is valid on all the Public Transport City Routes?

Yes, the Mowasalat Card is valid on all Public Transport City Routes.

The time interval for issuing the second ticket is 15 minutes

*For a Limited Period only


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