Ministry of State for Youth Affairs, Kuwait

Ministry of State for Youth Affairs – Sharq (Al-Hamra Tower), Kuwait, iiQ8

The interest of nations and peoples in their youth is as old as life. Rather, their dependence on them is the cornerstone of every aspiration and goal that they want to achieve. Many countries have been devising strategies for young people and holding conferences, forums and committees of all kinds to benefit the youth and develop services for them.

The State of Kuwait views its youth category as a real wealth that is not equivalent to any other wealth. This is because the state considers young people to be at the forefront of its basic foundations, which depend on them to achieve the desired types of development, present and future, just like other countries. Young people, with their distinct mental and physical energies and capabilities, can be relied upon in various fields, especially if they are well cared for, solve their problems, meet their requirements, and overcome difficulties before them.

The State of Kuwait is witnessing a continuous interest in the youth category by the high political leadership represented by His Highness the Emir of the country, his Crown Prince, and the rational government. This interest comes after previous good efforts in the field of youth care carried out by government agencies over previous decades, which were to provide the necessary services for this segment of society, which currently represents approximately 60% of the current population.

One of the forms of the current and noticeable rise in the youth category is the creation of a state ministry for youth affairs in the latest cabinet, in addition to the formation of a youth ministerial committee at the cabinet level. Immediately after its announcement, this Ministry began to develop plans and ideas for adopting youth issues at all present, near-term, and strategic levels.

  • Kuwait City – East / Al-Shuhada Street, Al-Hamra Tower, Floor 13

Address of Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Sharq (Al-Hamra Tower)

Kuwait Kuwait 

Capital Governorate


Inside Al Hamra Tower & Mall – Floor 12


Contact Information of Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Sharq (Al-Hamra Tower)

Hotline Number: 1880003 (int: 009651880003)

Phone: 134

Phone Number: 22415195 (int: 0096522415195)


Twitter: YouthKuwait

Instagram: youthkuwait

YouTube: YouthKuwait

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