Kuwait’s KPTC Free Bus Service to Mubarakiya Area, iiQ8 Bus Routes

Kuwait’s KPTC: Free Bus Service to Mubarakiya Area 


Kuwait City Public Transport (KPTC) said Wednesday that free bus transportation will be provided to and from the Mubarakiya district via four stops in the metropolitan area.

The CEO of KPTC Mansour Al-Saad told KUNA that the service will operate locally from 10 am to 10 pm at the opening ceremony of the service attended by the governor of the capital district Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah. .. Bus travel time available every 30 minutes.

He said the four stations will be located in the parking lot of Shark Mall, the garden near the Jarra Roundabout, the Sanabel Complex at the Sheraton Hotel, and the ministries area in the Milgab area.

Al-Saad added that the service will run until March 2022 and will be updated if there is significant demand.

The CEO of KPTC hopes that this service will reduce traffic congestion in the Mubarak region. He noted that the buses included in this service are unique in shape, color and passenger capacity.


Source – Kuwait News Agency – Kuna

KPTC: Free bus transportation from, to Mubarakiya area..
#Kuwait Free bus transportation will be offered from & to Mubarakiya area via 4 stops throughout the capital district, said Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) Wednesday.
– The service will operate from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm local-time with bus trips available every 30 minutes.
– The four stations will be situated in the parking lot of Sharq Mall, the yard near Jahra roundabout & the Sheraton hotel, Sanabel complex, as well as the ministries area in Mirgab area.
– The service will run until March 2022 & it will be renewed if there was considerable demand.
– The service will lessen traffic jams in Mubarakiya area. #الكويت

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