Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by birth?


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Short Answer is big NO.

Why he is not a Hindu?

Because as this below

His grandmother, Indira Gandhi was a Hindu.

His grandfather was Feroze, a Parsi.

His father is Rajiv Gandhi who is half Hindu and half Parsi.

His mother is Sonia Gandhi, a Catholic Christian.

He does not practice Hinduism in his daily life and I wonder if he can recite any popular Hindu Mantra or a Hindu prayer, with the correct pronunciation and explain what he recited.

He is, what we can now call an “Election Hindu”. He becomes a Hindu temporarily during election campaigns as in this picture. He once claimed to be a Shiv Bhakt, and also a Janeudhaari Brahman.


Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?


What is Rahul Gandhi’s religion?

Originally Answered: What is Rahul Gandhi’s relgion?

Rahul is a shiv Bhakt when it comes to Gujarat.

In UP, he becomes a practising wahabi.

In Devbhoomi uttarkand, he again becomes a shiv Bhakt.

In north east, he is a Protastant.

In Italy, he is a Roman Catholic.

In Kerala, he is Secular.

In Tamil Nadu he is an atheist.

In Kashmir he is a Sufi.

Over all is a half baked Aloo..

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Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by birth?

Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by birth?



He himself does not know the answer! How can we answer !
He says so and also goes to Masjid to say he is a muslim by heart!
And declares in Brian that He is a British citizen!
So perhaps he is a Italian – people think !

His father, Rajiv Gandhi Son of Firoz Sha was a Parsee – So by no means he can be called A BRAHMIN and even HINDU! No news has ever been out of Parsee son and Bahu – converting to Hinduism !

If you dig more – You may even find this Gamdhi family mizture of Muslim and Christians! Not much of Hindus !

This is my personal opinion


Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?


Why does Rahul Gandhi call himself a (Hindu) Brahmin?

First…he has not called himself a Brahmin, get that fact right!!!

Now, the answer to his new-found love for Hindus:

Hindus make up 75–80% of the population in India, but their votes used to be divided between several parties. Other religions, especially Muslims, voted en-masse, which the Congress party had a stranglehold on.

Now, due to the BJP, and atrocities being committed on Hindus, Hindus have started voting en masse for BJP, which is seen as protector of Hindu faith.

Muslims, who make up 15-20% of the population, on the other hand, are being wooed by every other party (Congress, SP, BSP, AAP, TMC, etc) which is why those votes are getting split.

Congress has now realised that they cannot survive on Muslim votes alone, as it is a small votebank in Gujarat. Thus, Rahul Gandhi’s newfound love for Hindus and temple visits.

Unfortunately, in trying to gain Hindu votes, Congress will end up losing both Hindu and Muslim votes; both because of their unholy alliances and the way Rahul Gandhi is making a mess of things.


Yes. Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu. I am not referring to the BS going around social media of how Nehru’s grandfather was a Muslim by the name Ghiasuddin … something. I have already answered this question. I am referring, instead, to Rahul Gandhi’s lineage.

Normally, I do not care about religion and caste and gotras. Most people are born into these and there is very little that an individual can do about it. I am a Hindu because I was born to Hindu parents. I am from the Kamma caste because I was born into a Kamma family. My gotra is pogunoolla. It is unpronounceable when written in any language other than Telugu. This gotra came to me from my father and he took it from his father an so on and so forth. Our family gotra will be passed on to my son and so on and so forth for whatever it is worth. For me, personally, it has little value as it is only mentioned during pujas, ceremonies and rituals, which are very rare, I being an atheist and a non-practising Hindu. But, my son is not going to inherit my wife’s gotra;

Why I mentioned all the above unimportant trivia about myself is because it is important to understand how lineage in drawn in society. Most societies are patriarchal, which means that lineage flows from father to son and to his son. This may sound anti-feminist but this is the social norm. With this background let us examine the veracity of Rahul Gandhi claiming to be Hindus, first, and more specifically, a Kashmiri Kaul Brahmin of Dattatreya gotra.

Rahul Gandhi is Rajiv Gandhi’s son. Rajiv Gandhi father was Feroz Gandhi, a Parsi. By lineage Rahul Gandhi is a Parsi and not a Hindu. Period. Parsis do not carry gotras. They may have some other tradition of passing on lineage, which I am not aware of. I am sure, having never seen his paternal grandfather and with very little contact with relatives from Feroz Gandhi’s side, Rahul Gandhi too does not know what it is. Not a problem.

But, it is obvious that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu by lineage. Then, how did he claim that he is a janeudhari Brahmin of Kaul Dattatreya gotra? This, he lifted from his paternal grandmother Indira Gandhi, who herself came from the Nehru family, who were Kashmiri Kaul Pandits of Dattatreya gotra , whatever that signifies. This makes me laugh with my bottom, not because it is wrong but it was done under duress. I am sure Rahul Gandhi, being a non-practising Hindu at home, never bothered with these inane issues. Nothing wrong with it. I would have respected him if he had said he is not a practising Hindu, so he is not bothered about religion, caste and gotras. But, no, he had to indulge in temple runs to prove that he is a Hindus and then take on some caste and gotra for public consumption. This is nothing but hypocrisy and an attempt to hoodwink people.


Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

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What is Rahul Gandhi’s religion?
A simple way to find out is if, Rahul Gandhi submits some official document stating his religion..

Salman Khan is a “Ganpati bhakt” , but he is a practising Muslim..

There are many “Haji Ali” bhakts in Bombay who are practicing Hindus..

Abdul Kalam was highly influenced by Hindu philosophy since his childhood,well knowledgeable about it’s scriptures and philosophy… though he never gave up Islam (have seen snaps of him offering namaz)..

Yesudas is a Christian by faith , but has done ‘ayyappa vratham’ and gone to Sabarimala many times..

You can be a Hindu ‘by action’ like Yesudas and Kalam or on paper like many of us :)..

So instead of giving gyaan that he is a ‘secretive’ Shiv bhakt, he can submit a valid document or show past actions of his Hindu behaviour.. he can also say that he doesn’t want to disclose his religious beliefs and gives a damn about the questions raised..

As for me , I feel Kalam to be more Hindu than Rahul Gandhi..


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Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?


He didn’t exactly say He is a Hindu

He pointed out the difference between a Hindu and a Hindutwadi

He said India is for Hindus not Hindutwaadi

Subsequently he said he is a Hindu to emphasize the difference between what a Hindu is and the typical dregs and rabble who call themselves Hindutwaadis

That was his message and despite Owaisis so called counter – It was well received.

However just for accuracy – Is Rahul Gandhi a Hindu or a Parsi or a Christian?

His Grandpa Firoz was a Parsi who is claimed to have converted to Hinduism

His Grandma Indira Gandhi was a Hindu , Daughter of Jawahar Lal Nehru – another Hindu

His mother is a Roman Catholic

So Rahul Gandhi is perhaps the most secular leader in the country as he has Hindu, Parsi and Christian blood

The Key point that Rahul Made was that the Countrys Hindus were becoming as Fundamentalist as many in Pakistan or Bangladesh and this had to stop

He emphasized that Indias Hindus including himself would lead India to success while Indias Hindutwadis would lead India to ruin.

I agree with every one of these words.

I feel somehow that Rahul Gandhi is making sense at last

Not that he will win even 0.001% higher vote share due to this but still it could be a decent start to something big. Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

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Is Rahul Gandhi Hindu by Birth? iiQ8 What is Rahul Gandhi’s Religion?

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