Ghars Bilingual School, Salmiya – Kuwait

Ghars Bilingual School, Salmiya – Kuwait, iiQ8

Address of Ghars Bilingual School

Kuwait Kuwait

Hawalli Governorate


Block 2

Abdullah Bin Masoud Street

Who are we?

Ghars bilingual school was established in the year 2013, it is the third school for Al-Etkan educational company, which owns the Ideal school which was founded in 2006 and Manarat school which was founded in 1996.

Al-Etkan administration has chosen a distinctive name for Ghars school, which has symbolic and miraculous meanings. It aims to remind that education and instilling virtues are like seed planting. You need patience,persistence, care and love.

Ghars School is distinguished by its program which combines Arabic, Islamic curricula and American curricula in its educational system, which distinguishes Ghars School from the other bilingual schools. It is unique in offering the curriculum of “The names and attributes of Almighty Allah” which deals with understanding the meanings of the names of Allah and apply them to the reality of daily life and following of the values ​​beneficial to the life of the individual and society.
Ghars bilingual school is interested in the psychological, educational and academic aspects of the student and makes it one of the most important priorities for it. Therefore, the administrative and academic team is chosen with the expertise and high efficiency to achieve these important goals. Most of the administrative and teaching staff are selected according to the private education and Kuwaiti labor laws.

Ghars school serves the educational stages kindergarten to high school and provide services to male and female students. The school is characterized by the non-mixing of students from primary to secondary level and keeping up with the holidays of the Ministry of Education in Kuwait. Ghars school is committed to providing the highest quality academic education in line with the international scientific progress through the selection of new advanced curricula and the use of teaching methods and techniques to suit the different needs of students. Ghars school strives for excellence as it offers a wealth of materials and tools to enrich the learning process for
students and use modern technology to achieve this. Tablets, smart boards and computers are an integral part of the learning process in higher grades.

Ghars offers an American Curriculum that is balanced and based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) & Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our goal is not only to provide our students with a unique curriculum that will help the student to complete his or her university studies in the future but to develop their personal abilities to be a successful student who can meet the requirements of the 21st century.

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