Domestic Visa to Work Visa Transfer from 14th July | Kuwait Change Visa 20 to Visa 18

Domestic Visa to Work Visa Transfer from 14th July


Kuwait City, 6th July 2024: Domestic Visa to Work Visa Transfer from 14th July


The First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Youssef issued a Ministerial Resolution No. (6) of 2024, regarding the transfer of domestic workers to the private sector.


Domestic Visa to Work Visa Transfer

50 dinars fee set for domestic workers to private transfer

According to the text of the decision:

Article One:

Domestic workers are eligible for transfer to the private sector under the following conditions: Approval from the current employer under whom the domestic worker is registered.

The domestic worker must have resided with the current employer for a minimum of one year.
A transfer fee of 50 dinars is applicable, along with an additional fee of 10 dinars for each year of service.


The transfer from domestic visa to work visa in private sector will open from 14th of this month (July) until the 12th of September. The transfer required the approval of the employer with whom the domestic worker is registered, and the worker must complete one year with the current sponsor. The decision also stipulated that a financial fee of 50 dinars be collected for the transfer.


Article Two:

Clause No. 9 of Article One in Ministerial Resolution No. 57/A of 2016 is temporarily suspended.

Kuwait Recruitment Fees Filipino 700 KD, Sri Lankan 750 KD


Article Three:

The decision takes effect from July 14, 2024, until September 12, 2024, and will be published in the Official Gazette. Authorities concerned are instructed to enforce its provisions accordingly.


This new regulation marks a significant step in regulating the movement of domestic workers within Kuwait, aiming to streamline processes while ensuring compliance with legal frameworks.


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Article No. 10 of Administrative Resolution No. 842 of 2015 is also suspended for the duration of the validity of this resolution.


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