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Section Head

Location: KW  – Company: Alghanim Industries

Long Description

Job Summary

The Section head is fully responsible and accountable for sound section operations. The role focuses on leading section sales team in alignment with business strategies, in which all are responsible for providing customers with high level of services. Major focus of Section Head in driving sales and profitability to meet pre-set section targets. The Group Section Head is totally responsible for providing friendly work environment, and ensures section employees’ development through coaching and mentoring.

Job Responsibilities


  • Manages and leads staff in achieving section’s targets
  • Drives section’s sales activities to achieve targets in cash, credit, warranties & accessories
  • Ensures proper implementation of promotional activities to support higher sales results
  • Ensures adequate involvement of section team in analyzing sales data to maximize business results
  • Follows up with sales associates on section & individual achievements
  • Assists sales staff in completing difficult sales transactions

Customer Service

  • Provides exceptional customer service and ensures sales associates also provide the same level of service.
  • Handles and follows on section customer’s complaints and inquires;
  • Interacts with section customers to ensure the quality of services provided.
  • Ensures reviewing section’s CSI results and takes necessary actions


  • Plans and prepares work schedules and assigns section’s employees to specific duties, manages break periods, working hours, sick leaves, and vacations;
  • Inspects section merchandise to ensure it is correctly priced and displayed
  • Requests and suggests section’s product range/variety and maintain stock levels
  • Ensures full implementation of merchandise, planogram, display, saleable as per merchandise guidelines at section level
  • Secures section merchandise by implementing security systems and measures.
  • Reports to Store Manager on section operations, performance and resources
  • Ensures all section’s activities in alignment with organizational policies & procedures.
  • Maintains section’s cost control measures in alignment with business objectives.
  • Ensures section’s adequate level of merchandise and supplies through coordination with relevant departments
  • Ensures sending section’s perpetual count to store manager on monthly bases
  • Maintains adequate section’s manpower according to budget
  • Conducting yearly appraisals and performance reviews with development plans for section employees
  • Conduct section’s checklist
  • Provides constant coaching, mentoring and training for all section staff
  • Ensures providing safe & secured work environment at section level
  • Ensures sound housekeeping at section level
  • Ensures section employee awareness of safety and emergency procedures.

Candidate Requirements

Cont. Job Responsibilities

Talent Development

  • Trains section staff on store policies, department procedures, and job duties;
  • Leads section employees engaged in sales activities and conducting of inventories,
  • Ensures compliance of section employees with established location security, sales, cleanliness and record keeping procedures and systems;
  • Monitors and evaluates section staff performance and training needs;
  • Develops, inspires, motivates and provides coaching and mentoring to section staff;
  • Ensures section employees’ commitment to organizational objectives.

Candidate Requirements:

  • 2+ years of  experience,
  • Good English language
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure


Bachelor’s Degree

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