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StateHawalli Governorate

Duty: 8 hours Work Location
Company Visa 15 only Required

Design andimplement all commercial agreements and provide support to allbuyers and prepare all non disclosure agreements and resolve allissues in supply chain and monitor market to maintain industryknowledge for buyer.

Coordinate with buyers tomaintain and provide update in all pricing and prepare routinereports for all data with help of various availabletools.

Analyze all projects to reduce cost andrisks and identify and implement same on regular basis and preparestrategies to design various cost savings programs and identify allnew suppliers if required and maintain exceptional professionalrelationships with all suppliers.

Administer alltrends and market conditions and maintain efficient flow ofinformation for all materials and achieve all productionrequirements for same and collaborate with product development teamto design all new product introduction and assist in procurement ofall sample requests.

Prepare reports on workingof all approved suppliers and establish appropriate level of risksfor all purchase processes and maintain continuity of all suppliesand execute all lean manufacturing techniques to manage vendorinventories.

Coordinate with manufacturingmanagers and maintain all production activities successfully andanalyze all product requirements on monthly and weekly basis andprovide list of all raw materials required for plant.

Monitor inventory at plant and maintain same at all timesand provide technical support to purchasing manager for alloperational projects and prepare cost effectiveprocesses.

Administer everyday businessactivities to prepare all business strategies and manage allcommunication to ensure maintenance of all supply inorganization.

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September 25, 2020 9:10 AM

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