Nurse jobs Kuwait, required nurses, Asnan jobs Q8, iiQ8jobs


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Nurse jobs Kuwait, required nurses, Asnan jobs Q8, iiQ8jobs

We are #hiring nurses for Asnan Tower locally and internationally!

If you are interested to change the third world into the first world through dentistry with us,

kindly send your cv to

Have a great day ahead!

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Company Name: Asnan Tower
Hospital & Health Care

About us

Asnan Tower is different ..

Asnan Tower is the biggest dental center in the middle east. We are the leading restorative and cosmetic dental center in Kuwait. At our clinic, artistry meets science to provide a unique blend of caring, comfort, and the most advanced dental procedures available today.

Asnan Tower is the only dental clinic in Kuwait that has a United States trained specialist in every field of dentistry.

We empower our dentists with the most advanced dental equipment, instruments, and materials from the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Our dental team contentiously attends international courses, workshops, and exhibitions to provide the latest in the field of dentistry,

Our sterilization and disinfection protocols follow the standards of the American Dental Association.

Our radiology and X-rays are all digital which reduced exposure by 85-90% and enable us to store and view them at very high magnifications.

We specialized in the management of dental phobia, fear and anxiety.

Our location at the sea side gives our visitors the highest levels of relaxation and luxury.

We truly believe in customer service, this is why we employ the best staff at our customer care and call center department.

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