Instrument Foreman, iiQ8 Jobs


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CityKuwait City
StateAl Asimah Governate


  • Fabricates oralters brass-wind instrument parts, and assembles parts intocompleted instruments, ascertaining fabrication assembly proceduresfrom standard or customers specifications.
  • Reads specifications and makes calculations to defineprocedures for fabricating assembling instrument.
  • Sets up operates drawbench, bandsaw and lathe to draw,cut and machine instrument tubing.
  • Bendstubing around forming blocks by hand.
  • Measurestubing, using rule, to locate position of holes to be drilled forpistons valve casings.
  • Operates drill press,honing machine, and lapping machine to drill, hone, and lap metalcomponents.
  • Solders piston and valvecomponents, using silver soft solder.
  • Hammersbell neck around bell-shaped mandrel, and brazes seams withoxyacetylene torch.
  • Operates spinning lathe toshape bell head around mandrel.
  • Assemblesparts, like braces, slides, valves, pistons, and bell head to formcompleted instrument, using handtools, measuring devices, andsoldering iron.
  • Plates assembled instrumentwith nickel, copper, or silver [Plater electroplating ].
  • May repair brass-wind instruments.
  • May be designated according to instrument or partmade

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